Voicemail Apps see a variety of use in all spheres of life. People want to use them for social and casual use. Businessmen want to use it for their work. All in all, we can agree that voicemails are pretty damn cool.

Voicemail apps have become super popular these days. Voicemail apps are seriously very handy. Just leave voicemails when you want to reach people without having to call them.

voicemail apps


Best Free Voicemail Apps for iPhone

So today I have compiled a list of best voicemail apps. However, these voicemail apps are taken from all corners of the internet. I have tested them all. They are amazing apps and suit anyone’s business needs. Some are free, some are paid.

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So you can pick out the ones you prefer. All of them are ideal for voicemail usage, free or not. So use them without fear. without any further delay, let us jump into my list of best voicemail apps! So hang on and read my list of best voicemail apps!

Application NamePlatformSubscription Type
Google VoiceiOS/AndroidFree
Pinger TextfreeiOS/AndroidFree
Vision MailiOS/AndroidFree
Touch VoiceMailiOS/AndroidFree
Frontier Voicemail VieweriOS/AndroidFree
AT&T Voicemail ReceiveriOS/AndroidFree

1. Google Voice – Voicemail App

Google VoiceMail App

Google voice is easily one of the biggest names in the market of voicemail apps. It is an app that provides you with call forwarding and voicemail services. The app is available on the app store right now.

It even allows you to make international calls and SMS. The best part is that it offers its services at a very low price. However, right now, Google voice is limited for use in the US only. Google Voice is easily my preferred app among the lot.

2. YouMail

YouMail - Send and Receive Voicemails on iPhone

YouMail is an app available for all your calling needs. It has tons of uses, not just for voicemails. YouMail has tons of other features. It is also lets you block unwanted calls and messages. YouMail is easily one of the most widely used apps available right now.

3. Pinger Textfree

Pinger Textfree Voicemail Apps

This app is not as widely known as some of the others on the list. This app lets you use voicemail and other call features without a carrier plan! That itself is amazing but this app packs much more.

You can do the international calling, send stickers, messages, this app also lets you send messages to over 30 countries. Pinger Textfree is simply amazing. The app has rightly earned a place on my list. It is an affordable app which can be used by anyone, anywhere. So if you want a decent voicemail app, this is it.

4. Line2

Line2 Voicemail Apps

This app pages itself as a “second phone number.” Line2 lets you use voicemail features and calling features using just 3G,2G or 4G connection. It can also use the WiFi.

Line2 offers premium features for a fixed amount per month as well. Line2 easily sets itself apart by the fact that it offers premium features which are also super affordable. With Line2, you will never miss a call or a text.

5. InstaVoice

InstaVoice Voicemail Apps

InstaVoice is a call and message management app. It has all the features a voicemail app should have and plus more.

The best part about this app is that you can use it with people who do not have the app installed. This seriously enhances the app’s effectiveness and usage. It is amazing for receiving calls, using voicemail features, sending SMS. Anyone can reach you even if you are out of range.

6. Vision Mail

VisionMail Visual Voicemail Apps

This app is not as well known as some of the other apps on my list. Vision mail boasts some of the best interfaces and looks in this genre. It is a fluid and immersive app. Using it is an absolute pleasure.

Vision Mail packs a tight punch of various types of features. Vision Mail is a visual mail and lets you manage your business effectively. It is an absolute pleasure to use. But the low ratings and lack of developer support also speaks volumes.

7. Touch VoiceMail

Touch Voicemail Apps

Are you tired of voicemails cluttered with ads or features? You should try Touch Voicemail. However, Touch Voicemail offers a simple and elegant solution to all your voicemail needs. It offers a superb looking UI, packed with tons of features.

Touch Voicemail allows you to reply to your incoming calls instantly or automatically. You can also send all the incoming calls to your email as well. The only downside is that the app is only available for iOS.

8. Hullomail

HulloMail Voicemail Apps

Hullomail tries to set itself outside the box and it succeeds. However, it will divert the calls you cannot take and answers them with custom voicemails. Any voicemails you miss are sent to you on your email.

Hullomail is a little old compared to many other apps on the list but still manages to keep us interested. Setting the app up is easy as hell. The app is available for Android as well as iOS. The only downfall is that the app is a little outdated and lacks many of the new features. But other than that, it works like a charm.

9. Frontier Voicemail Viewer

Frontier Voicemail Apps

On my list of best voicemail apps, this app certainly deserves a place. Frontier Voicemail Viewer is a voicemail management app that lets you manage, reply, and store all the voicemails you receive.

This app is ideal for the times when you are not around to respond to a call. It even sends you alerts when you receive such voicemails. This app manages to bring voicemails to the 21st century.

10. AT&T Voicemail Receiver

AT&T Voicemail Receiver - Voicemail Apps

This is the official voicemail storage and receiving app for AT&T and thus obviously makes it the best. However, you need to be an AT&T user to use this app. This app works like a charm and takes a simplistic approach to voicemails.

For the most part, the app has a very clean interface. The messages are stored in order with playback. If you are an AT&T user, this app is ideal for you to use. Voicemails are making a comeback via this app.

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Summing Up

That is all. This is my list of best voicemail apps free and paid. We hope my list helped you pick out your ideal voicemail app.