Recently, a Netflix documentary series on the life of the late, great Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was made available to subscribers.


Release Date of Selena Netflix Documentary Series

The release date for the second season on Netflix has not yet been set.

On March 31, 1995, in Texas, the series’ depicted star was murdered by a woman named Yolanda Saldvar.

Was Yolanda a Bridesmaid in Suzettes Wedding

For context, American singer Suzette Quintanilla, whose legacy lives on in her great songs, was Selena’s sister.

The Netflix series leads viewers to believe that convicted murderer Yolanda Saldvar attended Suzette Quintanilla’s wedding.

People have been caught off guard and have begun to question the series’ veracity after seeing the convicted killer of Suzette’s sister at her wedding.

Did They Let Yolanda Saldivar Go After the Suzette Quintanilla Wedding?

Prosecutors say that the character of Yolanda Saldivar in the Story who attends Suzette Quintanilla’s wedding is based on a real person.

To put it simply, Yolanda attended Suzette’s wedding in the role of bridesmaid. However, the inquiry of what she releases is irrelevant.

Yolanda was Responsible for Selena’s Death

In 1995, Yolanda was responsible for Selena’s death by shooting her.

While Suzette did get married in 1993, she was never incarcerated at the time, therefore she was never required to be released in order to be present at her wedding.

Suzette would never invite her sister’s killer to be a bridesmaid, even if doing so were a condition of her release.

She certainly wouldn’t invite her to share in her happy marriage by calling her.

Yolanda was obviously not released during Suzette’s wedding, as she did not go to prison and did not murder Selena.

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