Anime and Manga has become massively popular in the recent years. Its fan base has increased exponentially among the foreigners around the world. The major reason why anime is getting so much attention is because of its intense storyline, high quality graphic, available for all age category people.

This has increased demand for the people living outside Japan to find sites where they could watch high quality manga and anime kind of stuff. Most of the sites available online are either illegal or a source of threat to most of the system. Hence, in the vast domain of internet it has become almost impossible to find authentic and legal website that delivers highest quality content free of charges.


If you’re also looking for sites where you can easily watch premium quality anime without much interruptions and disturbances, then you have landed into a right place. We brings you some of the authentic sites and alternatives that has improved the reach of anime around the world.

One such alternatives that has helped a lot in popularizing anime is “WatchCartoonOnline”. The website is very old and has made it possible in supplying high quality anime content to the users.

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Top 10 Websites Like WatchCartoonOnline

Unfortunately the website keeps getting down due to a variety of reasons now and then. But you don’t have to worry, there are other such website available online. Some of the popular choices are listed below.

1. CartoonCarzy

This website is an excellent alternative giving high competition to WatchCartoonOnline. It has some of the coolest features available which makes the website unique and quite appealing to use. The interface and navigation system had made it possible for new visitors to use this website without a fuss.

The database of the website is flooded with some of the exotic and top rated anime series and movies. The layout and structure of the website is well organised with all the series and movies arranged in proper order. Users can sort the list of content based on genre or alphabetical order. Anyone who is highly into anime will never get bored of this website.

The website also lets users to download the content for offline streaming. It frequently updates its content list and release the new episodes of ongoing series efficiently. The frequency of ads and pop-ups are low on this website compared to other alternatives available in the market. Overall the efficiency and quality of the website is extraordinary.

2. ToonJet

ToonJet is quite new in the market which offers top collection of anime series and movies at your ease. The website is available worldwide and has enough of data to deliver it to its users and visitors. All the names and thumbnail of the movies are arranged in a structured manner which makes the website looks quite elegant.

The website also provides short description of the movies and series to make the users more familiar with the content they are watching. The frequent updates enhances the website and introduces it with new features. The content ranges from top ongoing series to 90s Manga based anime. Some if the popular anime like Death Note, Demon Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul is available here.

3. AnimePahe

This is yet another exotic anime streaming website that allows users to watch unlimited anime based content free of cost. Today the website has over one million daily visit which makes this website highly endorsed website to watch anime based content. The website has unlimited library for the content all of which is available free of cost.

Majority of the content is available in 720p to 1080p resolution with better graphics. The website displays minimum ads and pop-ups, which enhances the streaming quality for most of the users. If you’re an anime freak or you like reading manga, you would love to try AnimePahe after your first visit on the website.

4. CartoonOn

This is yet another website that promotes anime and manga on its website. The website offers online streaming as well as offline downloading of majority of content free of cost. The user interface system and simple navigation system has improved the streaming experience of most of the users out there.

The website has some of the exclusive collection of series and movies that is very difficult to find on any other alternatives. Overall the look of the website is very clean and professional which makes it the most widely used website on the internet today.

5. SuperCartoons

SuperCartoons is a storehouse of most of the anime related content for free streaming available on the internet. It has some of the best collection of HD anime movies available for streaming. Talking about its database, the website offers the content from various servers and links as a result there is no limit to the content. Anime belonging to various genre can be easily found out here. Users can sort the list according to their preferences and can easily look for the anime they wanted to watch.

6. AnimeShow

This is yet another alternative for streaming top notch anime series and movies with the least number of ads that too free of charges. The website is filled with enough anime series to choose from. It frequently updates its system with new content and features. Users can watch the anime series based on their own preferences of quality. This website is never a disappointment for the newbies and new visitors on the page.

7. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is highly popular among kids. We have been grown up watching some of the best animated shows here. Today its website is offering a huge database of anime related content free of cost. Most of the content available here are of premium quality. Its user interface system is highly advanced with some of the exceptional features available. Users can watch movies and download the drama quite efficiently here.

8. KissCartoon

KissCartoon has been a great website with enormous database that offers high quality top notch content free of cost. With over a million daily user, the website has been giving good competition to some of the top website available there. It never compromises with the quality of content.

9. AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima is an amazing website for streaming anime online. The website is very popular with an availability of unlimited data and anime content available free of charges. Overall the website looks very professional and has a well organised set up. It frequently updates its system with new content and features.

Its highly advanced interface attracts a large number if traffic on its website. Moreover, if you’re an anime freak looking for some of the coolest alternative, you should definitely go for AnimeUltima.

10. AnimeFLV

Last but not the least AnimeFLV is not too far in the list. The website is highly endorsed with a large amount of traffic. Its user interface system is very unique and the database has an amazing collection of anime series and movies. Top rated anime like Naruto, Boruto and One Punch Man is available here.

The website just like any other alternative updates its server with fresh content every week. The website has minimal amount of ads coming up. However, if you get bothered by ads and pop-ups, you may try installing an ad blocker which restraint them from annoying you. Overall the website has good ratings, you can try it if you want.

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Final Words

These were some of the highly used website available online. All of these websites are legal and safe. Users do not have to worry about theprivacy and concerns related to the threats these website haveon their system.