Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag is a fundamental problem that every user may face once in a while. The problem repeatedly comes from Google chrome. So, it is generally named as the Google Chrome error. The application programming interface WebGL stands for Web Graphics Library. Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag error arises when a user using social media, Browsing the Google applications, watching any videos continuously.

The WebGL has an easy setup process, you don’t need any additional setup to do this process, and you need only a browser and a text editor to create an application of WebGL. WebGL is a type of public domain application interface, and you can quickly view the source code of the library. Frequently this error comes into sight while playing online games and viewing any other graphical watching videos.

Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag

For fixing those unnecessary problems, some solutions are out there for fixing it with straightforward steps. Some computers or laptops don’t support viewing 360 degrees video, and these solutions can remove that error.

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How to Fix Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag Error in Google Chrome

This is just because your system is not in a position to run any graphics of that web page, and this problem may occur in some computers due to several reasons. So, the below methods can give the solutions for fixing the Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag.

Solution 1: Disable WebGL in Chrome Settings

Many reasons can cause Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag error, refreshing or restarting the browser will help to fix the problem. Many software or other daily users has unexpectedly faced with a problem of WebGL hit a snag error message when opening certain website pages. If the user will face any chrome operations are incomplete and is not in a position to work it.

While using Google Chrome, few users wonder seeing a sudden message box in the status bar showing WebGL hit a snag. This message appears continuously, even if you close the browser or reload it to ignore it.

Step 1 – At first, the user has to open Google chrome using any selected method.

Step 2 – On the top center of the URL field, paste the given text as chrome://flags.

Step 3 – Press Enter to move forward process.

Step 4 – On your keyboard, press Ctrl + F keys for the search for the WebGL entry. Once you find the actual option, then click on its drop-down image arrow and select the option Disabled. Finally, select the “Relaunch Now” button to restart Chrome.

So, we can fix the problems by disabling WebGL in chrome settings, as discussed in the above steps.

Solution 2: Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Here are some of the easiest solutions to Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag problem. Turn off the GPU hardware acceleration in the browser. Here are some steps to follow to turn off the hardware.

Step 1 – Open the Google Chrome in your system and click on the three horizontal lines icon on the rightmost top corner of the window, which is located below the address bar.

Step 2 – Then, simply select the Settings Button, and at the bottom of the settings page, click on the “Show Advanced Settings.”

Step 3 – When scrolling down the page slowly, then you will find system heading, and you can see the option below “Use hardware acceleration when available.”

Step 4 – Just remove the tick from the box, which visible to you to turn off hardware acceleration.

Step 5 – By changing the above setting, then you will see a link apart from the option suggesting that chrome requires a restart. Click restart on this link shown to restart Chrome with or without hardware acceleration.

Step 6 – Turning off hardware acceleration in Chrome can usually fix the Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag error.

Solution 2: Clear Cache and Cookies from Google Chrome

We can clear the cache from Google chrome with very easy and simple steps. Steps to clear the cache:

Step 1 – Click the three-star icon on the top right of the Google chrome as usual.

Step 2 – In the below list and tap on the “More Tools” option.

Step 3 – Then select Clear Browsing Data to move forward process.

Step 4 – In the blinking box that visible to you, select the time frame you had to erase.

Step 5 – Select the checkbox options for Cookies, Cache, and anything unwanted data or contents that you had like to remove.

Step 6 – Click the Clear data button to finish the process.

Step 7 – Close the Google chrome page and relaunch your browser.

You can now easily clear the cache by following the above steps.

Solution 3: Update Your GPU Driver

Updating your GPU Driver is one of the easiest solutions for fixing any browsing problems. If you need to update your operating system, then you first upgrade your GPU drivers. You can easily do this by first confirming your build number and then by downloading the correct driver.

It is very important to have updating drivers for your graphics card. It always advises your graphics drivers updated to eliminate conflict issues such as crashing, lagging, and slow performance. I think this solution will tell you everything needs to know for overcoming if any problem occurs.

The process of Update GPU Driver:

Step 1 – Just give a right Click on Graphics card name.

Step 2 – Tap on Update driver software.

step 3 – Then it automatically searches on the internet for the updated driver

Step 4 – Download the driver.

Step 5 – On the download, the drivers’ section. Enter your graphics card name, series, your operating system, and every detail asked there.

Step 6 – Download the latest version of your driver and install it on your computer.

You must have to know your graphics card’s name, Windows version, and the series number.

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Final Words

I hope you got the solution to update the graphics card, clearing the caches, and turning off the hardware acceleration. Select the right mode of a method for fixing the Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag error.