Once assumed to be doing well, rapper Lil Baby and his girlfriend Jayda Cheaves now appear to be on the outs. Cheaves strongly hints that she and the Atlanta rapper are no longer together in a series of tweets on social media.


What Happened to Lil Baby and Jayda Wayda

The relationship between Lil Baby, Cheaves, and the rapper has been on and off for some time. She has been in a relationship with Lil Baby, whose actual name is Dominique Jones, for quite some time, and she has been in several of his music videos.

What Happened to Lil Baby and Jayda Wayda

She has been in the music videos “Close Friends” and “Catch the Sun.” Loyal Armani was born to the couple in February of 2019.

Lil Baby never stopped gushing about them while they were apart. The rapper addressed rumours that they were no longer together by saying, “It ain’t no like,’still together.'” There’s no way we can’t be together because she’s the mother of my son.

Having a child together constitutes a relationship, even if we’re not in a traditional romantic partnership. We’ve got a little one, so we have to give it a good kicking.

When Cheaves and her ex-boyfriend broke up, she tweeted, “Stop trying to piece together this man interviews, songs, etc. Again, we’re not beefing, so please spare us the vitriol. There is no ill will on my part. We have a one-year-old child who requires our whole attention at the moment. There you have it. Well, that’s it.

Jayda Cheaves Implies a Rift Between Herself and Lil Baby.

Cheaves said on her Instagram story: “I’ve been in relationships my whole life, ever since high school, so I don’t even know how to be alone.” Relearning who I am is a prerequisite.

She then shared a video on her Instagram story, and The Shade Room reshared it.

I promise I’m not one of those females who takes her problems online, but there are moments when you really need to know… She said in the video, “behind the glitz and the glam, this sh*t real life.”

I experience everything you do, and sometimes it’s much worse than what you’re going through. Just like, in the end, we’re all human. And all of us have f*cking problems.”

This is very different from what their followers may have imagined they were going through. The last we heard from them was in a Lil Baby post from late last year, and it looked like things were going swimmingly for them.

Last Words

In September, Lil Baby uploaded a photo of his girlfriend with the caption, “My baby mama rawrer than alot of yall n***s.” We adore you forever, Wayda.

So far, neither Cheaves nor Lil Baby have provided any further clarification on their earlier comments.