It’s possible, as with any Wordle puzzle, that a particularly advantageous choice of starting word will cause a cluster of previously hidden yellow and green tiles to suddenly become visible. Still, it’s also possible that your initial guesses won’t yield any useful information at all, forcing you to scramble to find a solution before you run out of chances.

What is The Wordle Word Today 18 Feb

As we all have our own methods and go-to words, the degree of difficulty will also vary. To give you an idea, game designer Josh Wardle (who doesn’t know the answers in advance because they are randomised) loves to spend his first few tries deleting as much of the alphabet as possible.

This year, Wordle’s popularity has skyrocketed. When it released to the public in October 2021, it had just 90 active users. Now, it’s so popular that The New York Times Company, which already published its own crossword, paid seven figures to acquire it.

The game’s sudden increase in popularity and as shown in the Statista infographic below.


Wordle #244 Tips for February 18

You can find out what the February 18 Word of the Day is at the bottom of this post. Before we get to that, here are some indications that can help you work it out on your own.

  • One hint for Wordle #244: the presence of a recurring consonant may prove to be a difficult obstacle to overcome. The concerned letter appears in the first and fourth tiles, respectively.
  • To give you a second clue, the second and fifth letters of the solution also start with a vowel.
  • Third, the word “Doggy” can be a good place to start because it reveals three green tiles.
  • Fourthly, if you’ve seen a specific 2004 sports comedy film (the title of which contains the solution), you might associate this word with “Duck,” “Dip,” and “Dive.”

Wordle #244 is another hint that rhymes with “Lodge.”

6th hint: Merriam-Webster defines Wordle #244 as “the act of escaping through quick physical movement.”

Solving Wordle #244 on February 18

Wordle #244’s secret word is “Dodge.” If it hadn’t occurred to you to recycle letters, you might have been confused by the presence of a second “D.” Every night at 7 p.m. ET, the Wordle problem is reset and a new one generated. Try your hand at Worldle, a geography guessing game, or one of these other word puzzles if you just can’t wait.