Severance, the mystery-box science-fiction thriller that finally convinced the sceptics that Apple TV+ is worth the price of admission, acquired a rabid fanbase as more and more people were drawn into the shadowy world of Lumon Industries over the course of its first season.

When is Season 2 of Severance Coming Out

The show, which was co-created by Ben Stiller and Dan Erickson, takes place almost entirely within the basement of a facility so secretive that its employees must undergo a “severance” procedure that permanently separates their work memories from their home life, effectively creating new people within their brains that exist only within the confines of their offices.

The show’s many plot twists and turns won it a loyal fanbase, and when it finished, everyone was on the edge of their seats, wondering if there would be more. Some encouraging news for all you Keir Eagan believers out there.


Can I Ask if Severance has been Extended Again?

Yes! Apple TV+ confirmed a second season in early April 2022, only days before the season finale was set to air.

Is there an Expected Release Date for the Second Season of Severance?

With Season 2 of Severance likely entering production this year, and no official release date having been announced by Apple TV+ as of yet, we may have to wait until 2023 to see more.

In What Direction will Season 2 of Severance Go?

We have no idea what happens next following that devastating finale, but we do know that the show’s creators have a lot planned out. Dan Erickson, Lumon’s creator, elaborated on the team’s “huge initial strategy” for utilising the severance procedure and the philosophic considerations inherent in this strange new landscape. In addition, he promised that we will soon learn the purpose of those goats.

In what Capacities will the Following Actors be Featured in Severance Season 2?

Although it has not been officially confirmed, we may assume that the entire original cast will be returning.

Adam Scott plays Mark, a once-loyal “innie” at Macrodata Refinement whose investigation into Lumon’s true intentions led him to a shocking discovery about his presumed dead wife;

Britt Lower plays Helly, another MDR innie who discovered in the season finale that her connections to Lumon are closer than she thought; Zach Cherry plays Dylan, another MDR innie obsessed with escaping Lumon; and John Turturro plays Irving, another innie whose faith

Ms. Cobel/Mrs. Selvig, an unsevered Lumon employee weirdly obsessed with Mark, played by Patricia Arquette; Tramell Tillman, who plays MDR’s monomaniacal manager, Milchick; Dichen Lachman, who plays Ms. Casey, the severed floor’s wellness counsellor, who gets a shocking reveal near the end of the first season; Jen Tullock, who plays Mark’s sister, Devon; and Michael C. Hall, who plays Mark