Charlie Puth, a popular singer, is about to drop a heartfelt ballad. Although jokingly named “That’s Hilarious,” the singer’s song describes a “difficult” and emotional breakup.

The “Light Switch” singer wrote on Instagram as he wiped away tears, “It simply rears its ugly head every time — sorry — every time that I hear it.” “I just heard the master, and it sent me back to 2019, which was the f—king worst year of my life, so I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Who did Charlie Puth Date in 2019

Charlie went on to say that 2019 was the year he experienced “the hardest breakup of [his] life.” ‘I just wanted to start again and surround myself with better people,’ he continued.

Thankfully, Charlie appears to be doing much better today, but we do have to wonder who he was seeing in 2019. If possible, who was it that wounded him? Consider Charlie Puth’s past relationships.


It’s no Secret that Charlie Puth Penned “We Don’t Talk Anymore” About his 2016 Breakup with Selena Gomez.

Charlie Puth discreetly dated Selena Gomez for a short period of time in 2016. He wrote the hit song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” about her, albeit the length of their relationship is a mystery.

“When asked about the song by Billboard, he stated, “I don’t kiss and tell, but the only way a song like that can come across as true is if there’s something more going on behind the scenes.” And that’s exactly what was occurring [with Selena], he said.

Short-lived and diminutive, but bearing a significant impact. And it seriously disturbed me. … It was great fun to collaborate with her, and the feeling she brought out in that song was spot on. That’s why, despite its origin in a low period in my life, I’m always glad to perform it.

In 2016, Charlie Puth and Bella Thorne got into an argument after hanging out together.
While Charlie Puth and Bella Thorne did not date, Charlie did mistakenly accuse Bella of cheating on her ex-boyfriend Tyler Posey. We need to talk about how a simple mistake quickly escalated into a major problem.

“Twice, we spent time together. We checked out a movie. Totally chill, man “she elaborated “Wow, you’re quite talented, I thought. Oh, s—t. Holy s—-, man, you’re awesome. I was then invited to Jingle Ball to see him play.”

However, after they were seen holding hands at Jingle Ball, people began to speculate that they were dating (even if they weren’t). Bella was officially unmarried after her breakup with Tyler, but the speculation that she might be dating Tyler’s ex-boyfriend Charlie had been too much to bear.

Danielle Campbell and Charlie Puth Reportedly Dated in 2017.

Charlie said he was “in a relationship” and “done with dating people in the public” during his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October 2017.

Fans who were paying close attention to Charlie’s Instagram posts at the time speculated that the actress Danielle Campbell was his mysterious girlfriend.

No one knows for sure because Charlie and Danielle have never acknowledged their brief romance in public.

A Relationship Between Charlie Puth and Halston Sage Started in 2018.

Charlie made his relationship with actress Halston Sage Instagram official with a post that has since been deleted.

Yet again, we have no idea how long they were together or if they are still together in 2019. The girl in “That’s Hilarious,” however, is probably not Halston.

According to Rumours, Charlie Puth Wrote “That’s Hilarious” Following his Breakup With Charlotte Lawrence.

Charlie may have deleted any traces of his romance with Charlotte Lawrence from his social media, but the couple came out to the public on Valentine’s Day 2019.

The couple dated for a while, but by September of that year, Charlie announced on Twitter that he was officially single.

In such case, what went down between them? That’s none of my business, Charlie and Charlotte! Given Charlie’s emotional fragility in “That’s Hilarious,” this must have been one of the most difficult breakups ever.