Now we have it! The first track from Harry Styles’s next album, “Harry’s House,” was released, and it’s a doozy. The catchy tune, titled “As It Was,” is reminiscent of ’80s pop in its funky, lighthearted nature.

Lyrically, however, things are very gloomy if you look too closely. For more information about Who is Harry Styles God Daughter. Read the full article below.

Who is Harry Styles God Daughter

Though it opens with Harry feeling alone and nostalgic, the song eventually adds a significant other who, sure, sounds like Olivia Wilde, Harry’s current partner.

The story in “As It Was” is intensely autobiographical. Harry not only metaphorically undresses in the song’s lyrics, but actually literally undresses in the video’s final minute and a half. The “Kiwi” singer begins regaling us with tales from his life from the moment we hit play.

In actuality, the first word is said by a toddler who says, “Come on, Harry, we want to say goodnight to you.” Who is this unknown speaker, and what does that line mean? Read on for a touching resolution.


Who in “As It Was” Says “Come on, Harry, We Want to Say Goodnight to You”?

Introducing Harry’s Goddaughter.

Harry revealed that his 5-year-old goddaughter Ruby Winston provided the voice for the song’s opening line during an interview on in January.

The voice at the beginning is Harry’s goddaughter, who “was in a long habit of calling me every night before bed and I missed it one night and she let me know that she wasn’t happy about it,” Harry told host Zoe Ball.

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