There are very few things in life that can be said with any certainty, but one thing that is almost guaranteed is that if you become popular on the internet, you will be subjected to harsh remarks.

Internet superstars have had to come up with a wide range of techniques for dealing with trolls because of how commonplace this form of online abuse has become. Fabiola Baglieri, a popular TikTok user, decided to own the name that trolls had given her.

Who is Mr. Beans Daughter

A popular TikTok user is asserting that she is the real-life daughter of Mr. Bean.


Fabiola’s Cosmetic Tutorial Videos Went Viral on TikTok.

The Italian teen has over 4 million TikTok followers, and the vast majority of them have only given her favourable feedback on her videos.

However, Fabiola has also received her share of vitriol, with some Internet users believing the false rumour that she resembles Mr. Bean when she isn’t wearing any makeup.

While Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean, the British TV and film figure being compared, is pretty hilarious, he’s certainly not the most attractive man in the world. Fabiola’s page has since been flooded with comments noting the connection, which she told LADBible she took rather personally.

Fabiola Expressed her Tremendous Distress Over being Compared to Mr. Bean.

The initial makeup “made me look like Mr. Bean in the female version,” she recalled, “and people recognised that right after that video.” At first, I couldn’t handle it well because it was offensive to me.

As one user said, “It was not easy to see all those remarks; it felt like I was living in another reality, in which everyone feels entitled to offend someone just because they are behind a screen” (the so-called “keyboard warriors” engaging in cyberbullying).”
Recently, Fabiola said she was “Mr. Bean’s daughter” in a video.

Fabiola has gone even further with the connection, saying in a video that she is the TV character’s daughter. What a horror it would be to be Mr. Bean’s daughter,” “on camera she penned some text. Many have speculated that Fabiola is actually Rowan Atkinson’s daughter because of the remark, however that is not the case.

Last Words

The criticisms were likely not meant as compliments, but Fabiola has turned them into a selling point. If you’re an internet star and you see trolls coming for you, the best thing to do is to claim ownership of whatever it is they’re harassing you over.