Both you and I are aware of the fact that we have. TikTok videos are the new YouTube whether you love them, hate them, or watch them secretly. People that disagree with you still have to admit that you’re right.

But recently, I’ve noticed a rise in users moaning about how long it takes for their video to be approved after initially presenting the “TikTok Video Under Review” indicator. Some of the time, even!

Why is My Tiktok Under Review

However, no one can find a solution to an issue until they first identify its root cause. Here, we’ll break into the specifics of why this occurs and what you can do about it.


Why Your TikTok Video Might Be Blocked 4 Common Explanations for Blocked Accounts including Adult/Pornographic Content

Although the site’s age restriction is set at 13 and up, TikTok attracts users of all ages and its content is appropriate for all demographics.

You are not allowed to share any pornographic or adult content on this site, as it is a secure zone. It’s a certain way to get the “TikTok Video Under Review” notice or get your video removed from the app.

If you care about yourself and other people, it’s best not to share stuff like this.

Contents of Violent Videos

Warnings about “TikTok Video Under Review” are displayed for a number of reasons, and one of them is because of content that depicts or glorifies violence or bloodshed.

Even though they exist in the real world, depicting violence and gore in videos on a kid-friendly app like TikTok isn’t the best idea. This is especially true if the person on the other end of the screen is a 15-year-old guy.

Films that are Immoral or that Glorify Criminal Behaviour

More than pornographic and violent media, there are numerous other sorts of moral wrongdoing.

The very idea of including them in your films and then sharing them on the app is inappropriate.

As there is a risk of young viewers being improperly influenced by violent or criminal content, this type of media is prohibited from being screened.

Furthermore, why would you wish to publish such material? If you witness a crime in progress, you should contact the police rather than film the event and post it on TikTok for likes.

Falsely Using Someone Else’s Work

Due to the lack of clarity surrounding this issue, it is frequently cited as a problem for both TikTok and other apps.

If you find an existing intellectual property that you want to use in a video, you cannot use it (Intellectual Property).

To their credit, the video’s legal owners will enforce their claim that it violates their intellectual property.

The warning “TikTok video under review” will appear on your video as a result. Finally, we’d like to mention that TikTok is a great place to unwind and share your own creative works with the world, or to simply take in the wide variety of works that people from all over the world have uploaded and enjoy them.

Last Words

keeping it a safe space for everyone involved is crucial, and content that is regarded violent or otherwise wrong for moral conduct is appropriately labelled as “TikTok Video under review” and may be removed if it is deemed too offensive to be fixed. So, do the responsible thing and never watch any of these films.