When attempting a standard Windows Update installation on Windows 10, some customers receive the error 0xc1900223. The majority of reported incidents involve users attempting to install the 1903 update, with the fault often manifesting itself at the 97% mark.


Method 1: Use the $Getcurrent Folder to Force An Update.

By default, Windows 10 will create the $GetCurrent and $SysReset folders in the C: drive if you attempt to apply a pending Windows update. This folder will store Windows Update log files, and it may also contain files needed to install the most recent Windows Update.

Windows 10, Version 1903 - Error 0xc1900223

If you’re dealing with a failed Windows update (like if you’re getting error 0xc1900223), you might be able to force install the update by going to the media subfolder of the $getcurrent folder and trying again.

The $getcurrent folder is normally hidden, so bear that in mind. In this case, you’ll need to either type the whole path into the address bar or turn on Hidden folders in File Explorer.

The following is a short, step-by-step explanation on how to forcibly update using the c folder:

  1. Launch File Explorer and enter the following command into the top navigation bar:

2. When you’re ready, open the media folder from the list of subfolders and run the Start        Programme from there.

3. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the update’s installation using the provided        Executable.

4. If the problem still exists after the update has finished installing, try restarting the              Computer.

If the $getcurrent folder isn’t present, the Windows Update component probably failed to successfully upgrade the required files before installation. You can go down to the next possible solution if this one doesn’t apply.

Method 2: Using A Media Creation Tool For Future Updates

If the built-in WU function is unable to upgrade to 1903 on its own, you may be able to manually install it with the Media Creation tool. A clean installation of Windows 10 is just one option for fixing the 0xc1900223 error; this utility also contains an Upgrade this PC Now option.

Several users who were impacted have reported that this procedure updated their version of Windows 10 successfully.

For a quick rundown on using the Media Creation Tool to upgrade to Windows 10 version 1903, read on!

  1. The Windows 10 upgrade aid can be downloaded by clicking the Update Now button.
  2. To grant administrative privileges, double-click the programme after it has downloaded successfully and select Yes when prompted by the UAC (User Account Control).
  3. To finish the setup, just stick to the on-screen prompts.
  4. After the procedure is finished, you can try restarting your computer to check if the problem has been fixed.
  5. Check to determine whether the problem still exists after your machine restarts.

If you continue to see error 0xc1900223 when installing Windows updates, try the next solution.

Method 3: Turning Off Pi-Hole (or A Different Network-Wide Adblocker)

It has been discovered that Pi-Hole and other similar network-wide adblockers can also cause the 0xc1900223 error code when installing the Windows 10 update. Other users who have experienced this issue have suggested that a DNS blocklist may be to blame.

Users who have been in a similar scenario have reported that they were able to successfully install the update without seeing the same issue after temporarily disabling or deleting Pi-Hole.

Temporarily Turning Off Pi-Hole

  1. You may bring up the Run dialogue box by pressing the Windows key plus R. Then, at the command prompt, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to gain administrative privileges. User Account Control (UAC) will ask if you want to make changes to your system, and if it does, you should select Yes.
  2. To launch the Pi-Hole tool, type the following at the elevated CMD prompt:

3. In order to deactivate Pi-Hole after it has been started, execute the following command      and hit Enter:

pihole disable

4. Disabling the Pi-Hole ad blocker utility should allow you to retry the installation of the          unsuccessful update and perhaps this time succeed in doing so without receiving the          0xc1900223 error.

5. To restore Pi-Hole functionality after a successful update installation, use the following        command into the same elevated terminal.

pihole disable

Getting Rid of Pi-Hole

  1. To access the Run prompt, hit the Windows key plus R. Then, at the prompt, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter and type “cmd” to get a more powerful version of the command prompt. When prompted by UAC (User Account Control), select Yes to continue with the installation if you are a trusted administrator.
  2. To begin removing Pi-Hole, execute the following commands into the elevated CMD line and hit Enter:
pihole uninstall

3. Start the machine back up after the command has completed successfully.

4. Try installing the update that was failing with the 0xc1900223 issue again with the next update and see whether the installation succeeds.