Catherine Reitman, creator and star of the Netflix series Workin’ Moms, has recently been in the news, and we can assure you that it has nothing to do with her portrayal of Kate Foster on the program.

Fans of the Netflix comedy Workin’ Moms have noticed a change in Catherine Reitman’s lips. Under her cupid’s bow, her upper lip is quite thin, but the rest of her upper lip is full and beautiful. Read on to find out if the actress had lip injections or surgery.

Working Moms Kate Lips


What Happened to Working Moms Kate Lips?

Catherine Reitman has poked fun of her top lip in the Canadian series Workin’ Moms, but she has never addressed the subject of her pout or the cyberbullying she has endured because of it in any of her personal interviews.

The mother of two has remained silent on the issue of her lip enhancements thus far. She has been coy about whether or not the lips she has now are the consequence of a ‘botched’ cosmetic surgery.

Several sources claim that Catherine had silicone injected into her lips by an unscrupulous plastic surgeon. It has been claimed that Botched doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif assisted the plastic surgeon.

The actress, who was born in Los Angeles, may have gotten granulomas as a result of botched plastic surgery, according to some accounts. Her inability to close her mouth was attributed to a mass of tissue caused by infection, inflammation, or the introduction of a foreign substance, according to the reports.

While Growing Up, Catherine Was Bullied Due to Her Physical Appearance

The actor Philip Sternberg, who plays Catherine’s on-screen husband, is her real-life husband. He portrays Nathan Foster on the popular show. The California native has spoken up about being called insults like “horse mouth” and “really awkward-looking kid” by her peers back in the day.

Reitman wrote a line for the pilot episode of Season 1 of Workin’ Moms in which her supervisor made fun of her mouth. Catherine portrays the role of Kate Foster in the sitcom, a stressed out advertising executive and new mother. She has gotten mostly positive reviews from the show’s reviewers and viewers over the years.

Fans Can’t Get Over the Look of Catherine Reitman’s Lips

The Netflix original series Workin’ Moms has been receiving rave reviews. Many viewers, however, find the star’s presence to be extremely distracting and argue that it takes away from the show’s message.

“Working Moms is an okay sitcom, but I can’t stand how Kate’s mouth always overlaps her teeth. I can’t stand to listen to her,” someone tweeted. After finishing Working Moms, I couldn’t stop thinking about Kate’s lip.

I mean, why is it shaped like that? They had a “lip on the sides but no lip in the middle,” as someone else put it. Another Twitter user said, “I started Working Moms but the lead character’s lips are driving me insane.”

I’m not sure how long I can take seeing her, lol. However, not everyone online shares this attitude. Only one Reddit user defended Reitman. One commentator argued that the creases in her face added a charming, endearing quality to her appearance.

Reitman Has Never Directly Addressed the Haters

Reitman can’t do much to change her appearance, plastic surgery or not. To her credit, she has never responded to the accusations about her lips with anything more than a passing reference to the bullying she endured as a youngster, suggesting that the shape of her mouth is innate rather than the consequence of plastic surgery.

However, the actor did provide a semi-response to a fan who had criticized her mouth. About Reitman’s appearance, one admirer remarked, “honestly, weird mouth but I’ll take it.”

When asked if she would take the role, the Workin’ Moms star said, “I mean, I’ll take it.” With more individuals spending more time at home, many viewers continue to binge-watch Workin’ Moms, lips or no lips.


Most kindergarteners learn that making fun of someone else’s appearance is cruel. However, it appears like anything goes when it comes to famous figures, especially those who have been accused of undergoing plastic surgery.

That’s why viewers of Netflix’s Workin’ Moms feel perfectly at ease making fun of Catherine Reitman. The show’s creator, producer, writer, and star has been the target of cruel comments regarding her teeth and mouth.

The 38-year-old actor experienced bullying and harassment in school long before she became a household name. Now, followers assume Reitman underwent botched cosmetic work to create his distinctive mouth. However, that could be far from the reality.