Xbox comes under the list of most popular gaming console to be built and designed by theMicrosoft Windows team. Being on the top of the list, Xbox consoles are widely played and have a plenty of users who plays it, due to which today it’s one of the most popular gaming consoles in the market.

Its user interface and quick navigation system made it one of the top choices among the gamers to choose from. The console is highly spacious. Users can download and play as many games as they want. However, although its among the top choices and widely used gaming consoles, it also prove to be problematic at times.


It may not turn on at times and may also showoverheating and cabling issues quite frequently. In order to get out of such situations and fix the Xbox we are required to perform certain procedures. Some of the popularly used methodology applied by the users are listed below.


How to Fix Xbox One Won’t Turn On

Take a look at them.

1. Xbox One Won’t Turn On At All

There could be a possibility that while using your Xbox it may not turn on at all. Hence, to get out of such situation you need to try the following approaches and you’re good to go.

Check the controller: If you have tried pressing the Xbox button on your controller and it didn’t worked out well, you need to try pressing the Power button instead. If it works out to be well, all you need to do is to change the batteries of your controller.

Once you’re done with it, try repeating the procedure again. If it turns out to be a fail, then connect your controller with the USB cable and then try turning on your Xbox. If this also fails, then you need to change your controller.

Check the Power Cord: There is a requirement that you need to check whether your gaming console is fixed firmly with the power cord and it is plugged into the outlet securely. If it is plugged into the power strip, you need to be sure of whether the power strip is set to on position and the power strip is running.

If by any chance the power outlet on the power strip is damaged, you need to immediately change it.

Checking the controller and Power Cord comes under the first step of efficient use of Xbox. If there is any mishap related to it, the console is not going to work at all. Hence, before you take any other action, you need to first be sure about whether the Power cord and controllers are working or not.

2. Xbox One Shuts Down Suddenly

After dealing with the problem related to your controller and Power Cord, if the Xbox continues to work efficiently then its well and good, or else there may be glitches associated with it even after the efficient use of controller and power cord. Sometimes the Xbox may shut down suddenly without even giving a warning.

Under such situations it becomes difficult for the users to predict what went wrong. Hence, in order to avoid such situation you need to first make sure that the console is kept under a well ventilated zone especially during that time when it kept on turning off suddenly and takes a long time turning on.

If the problem still persist even after checking for the well ventilated zone, you should try removing all the external devices of Xbox One and then try putting it to the place where vents on the case can easily be drawn in air. Always make sure that the Xbox is clean and dry.

You should frequently clear all the dust sitting over the vents with a dry cloth. Xbox may get overheat due to its surrounding and environmental factors. As a result it may keep on turning off every time. Hence to ensure efficient functioning of your Xbox you should ensure a healthy installation.

3. Xbox One Shuts Off and Won’t Turn Back On

If the installation is done right and still the problem persist with your Xbox Oneyou need to check for “Settings”. Open the Settings menu and go for Power and Start-Up. After selecting the option, you need to go for Instant-On feature that enables your gaming console to turn on the sleep mode instead of turning off the power completely.

The feature helps gaming console to refresh and get turned on more quickly and efficiently. However, if this method is applied multiple times, it may affect the boosting process of the Xbox. If such thing happens in future, then you should try the energy saving feature of the console. The option is available in the Settings.

Once you’re on energy saving mode, you need to go for the auto shutdown settings which is on the same menu. If the console is used by multiple people, you need to put more attention cause the auto shutdown option may be turned on.

4. Xbox One Beeps But Won’t Turn On

There could also be a situation when the console beeps but do not get started. There could happen in two situations,

  • Once you turn on the Power button, the system will beep once but it will not turn on. Then if you try pressing thebutton againthen console will turn on.
  • If the Xbox do not turn on after the first beep and if you again try pressing the Power button and again it does not turn on.

The first situation is very obvious, it may happen quite frequently. Under such condition the Xbox may be in Power state. The second situation may seem to be a terrible one. Under such condition your Xbox is either broken or damaged. You need to get it repaired.

If you want to power cycle the Xbox, try taping on the eject button continuously. Other than this try checking the power cable or unplugging the Xbox for 10-15 seconds. This also prove to be helpful when the Xbox do not turns on after the beep.


These are the most of the commonly applied methods that proves to be helpful when the Xbox One have problem turning on. In order to stop getting errors while using your Xbox One it is very important to take a good care of the system.

Usually older versions of software comes out to be problematic compared to the latest ones. Hence, it is very important to install the latest ones. Apart from that controllers and power cord should also be taken good care of.