New venture in accounting To facilitate the outsourcing of back-office tasks for small enterprises, Pilot has raised investment from Silicon Valley investors including Jeff Bezos.

The San Francisco firm raised $100 million this week, bringing its total capital to $120 million and its market cap to $1.2 billion.

Investors Sequoia and Index Ventures joined the deal, which was led by Bezos’s venture capital firm Bezos Expeditions and Whale Rock Capital, a hedge fund. Pilot had previously received funding from Stripe’s Patrick and John Collison and Diane Greene, the former CEO of VMware.


Pilot Smbs 100M Expeditions Whale Rock

Waseem Daher, now the company’s co-founder and chief executive officer, interned at Amazon 16 years ago. Oracle acquired one, while Dropbox acquired the other. Pilot’s use case is similar to one that AWS addresses, he said, in that it frees up programmers to concentrate on making money rather than on website hosting.

Small business owners have “all this irritating, tiresome, terrifying, and important back-office stuff that you need to do,” Daher told. Owners should be concerned with scaling the business, while Pilot handles administrative tasks.

Typically, individuals with accounting backgrounds are the ones at Pilot who end up working closely with a local company. Payroll, accounting, taxes, and bill paying are just some of the administrative duties they shoulder.

American Express,, Gusto, and Stripe are just a few of the organisations that have joined forces with the young firm. Daher calls it “tech-enabled,” although Pilot isn’t a software firm. Company revenue comes from recurring subscriptions.

Despite the fact that small businesses were hit hardest by closures due to the Covid virus, Pilot’s revenue increased by almost 50% throughout the epidemic. Since its inception in 2017, Daher claims that the company’s annual income has increased by a factor of three each year.

He said that the current expansion was due to the fact that more individuals are becoming aware of automation and beginning to use it in their home-based enterprises.

Daher also said that more millennials are venturing into business ownership and that they are more likely to be receptive to outsourcing via a digital platform.

Many would rather engage in this activity online. They don’t want to lug a box full of receipts down to their accountant’s office on Main Street, he explained.

Daher’s partnership with Pilot’s COO Jeff Arnold and CTO Jessica McKellar marks his third business venture. The group initially formed in the MIT computer club while they were all first-year students.


Mark Goldberg, partner at Index Ventures and an early investor in Pilot, met the company’s creators nearly a decade ago when they were all working at Dropbox.

Goldberg claims that Pilot is utilising the “reverse strategy” by reintroducing humans into the equation, while the current Silicon Valley narrative is “centred on using software to optimise for everything.”

To have to deal with nonsense in the back office isn’t why anyone launches a business. That’s the point you want someone to pick at,” Goldberg advised. “What people really want is security, not software.”