Some anime tropes even predate the medium itself. Kabuki is a kind of traditional Japanese theater in which male actors assume feminine characters. Those who express themselves as female in society, typically by cross-dressing, are called Otokonoko no Musume (”), literally “male-girl.”


What Is The Actual Meaning Of Anime Traps?

In anime, a “Trap” is a typical characterization phrase. Men who play female roles or dress like women are usually male characters. They assume a female form by dressing in a feminine manner.

The audience develops feelings for the anime girl, only to discover that they were actually rooting for the male protagonist the whole time. In no serious context are the gender and societal challenges faced by a man who presents as a woman ever discussed.

Now that you understand the fundamentals of what an anime trap is, young padawan, you may dive into this list of the top 80 most incredible traps in the medium’s history. Praise be to the gods of trap!

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Best Anime Trap of All Time

Here you will find out the best anime trap of all time:

1. Astolfo

I always assumed he was a lady because of the pronouns that were used to refer to him, so when I found out he was a guy, I was really shocked. (Fan Theory) Like King Arthur’s Round Table knights, Astolfo is a member of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne.

He looks like a teenage girl from an anime with pink hair. Fan art of Astolfo consistently sexifies him to an extreme. The fantastic memes he was credited with creating propelled his fame to new heights.

On occasion, Astolfo will intentionally confuse others by emphasizing his gender fluidity. The term “Boku” can be used to designate both male and female characters that are timid or meek, hence he calls himself such.

He hasn’t objected to being referred to as a man. And the same applies to the feminine form. Because he’s into cute things, cross-dressing is fun for Astolfo even though he doesn’t care about gender identity. He was born a male, and that’s all there is to it. Astolfo is, without a doubt, the granddaddy (and grandma) of all traps.

2. Megumu Touzokuyama

“Everyone always treats me like a girl” hmm, I wonder why… Like Kinoshita Hideyoshi, Megumu defies categorization as either a guy or a girl. The only reason he fell into his own trap was because his acquaintance accidentally identified him as a male.

Kana Hanazawa reprises her role as Trap for the second time in the Kanojo ga Flag w Oraretara franchise. In addition to Megumu, she also provides the voice of the ominous Hoshino from Nanana’s Buried Treasure.

3. Xianming Lin

A man with long, light-brown hair who has been taught to kill. To help him connect with his sister Qiaomei, from whom he has been estranged for nine years, Lin dresses as a woman. He is also a fan of cosmetics. Lin has little regard for conventional gender roles.

What he doesn’t get is why males can’t wear skirts like women do. The fact that he is so handsome makes him so arrogant. Nonetheless, Lin is approached by a transgender LGBT character who offers to introduce him to adult websites. And he doesn’t.

4. Kalluto Zoldyck

The youngest of the legendary Hunter X Hunter assassin family. Perhaps he is not what he seems. He adds mystery to his trap by using silence and the Furisode, a traditional Japanese garment. Kalluto is a young boy who presents as fairly androgynous.

Couple it with the fact that he’s dressing more femininely than usual, and it’s simple to see how he may fool someone. Kalluto is known as “Kalluto-Chan” in the anime. Cute anime characters, both male and female, are often referred to as “Chan” in Japanese.

This could imply that he is of uncertain gender. However, everyone else in the story who knows him well always refers to him as a male.

4. Kalluto Zoldyck

Akira, from the grim anime series Kemono Jihen, is another widely-watched trap. He spent his entire childhood cut off from the outside world. The residents in his hamlet all look the same, but he doesn’t, so he decides to leave and start a new life in Tokyo.

Akira enjoys cute things because he feels he is cute; this has nothing to do with his gender identity. He doesn’t like dresses because he thinks they’re too feminine. Throughout the anime series, Akira makes a number of comments that seem to indicate he doesn’t care about gender norms.

Akira’s status as an anime trap is significant because, despite his femininity, neither the other male characters nor the mangaka treat him as a joke.

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Have you ever heard of a Trap? In this post, we’ll define “trap” and provide a list of anime characters who are true cheats and force us to rethink our perception of reality. The name “trap” is derived from the English word for “trap,” and it is an apt one. Characters who “trap” are those who dress and behave as though they were the opposite gender.

It’s not required that a trap be homophobic. Even among self-identified straight people, interest in traps has increased. When the trap character appears in an anime, otakus often rank him among the show’s top favorites.