Sometimes dates on TikTok go popular for reasons that are unclear to the average user or spectator. Some folks on TikTok are worried about March 7, but they aren’t sure why. The closer we get to the date, the more curious people become.


Find Out What’s Going Down on March 7th. Do Certain Users get Banned From TikTok?

It’s possible you’ve seen videos on the “For You” tab recently that are fixated on March 7. An image of a soccer player and a statement that conveys dread or foreboding are common elements in such videos. One person expressed hope that the reports surrounding March 7 were false.

Is Tiktok Banning Accounts on March 7th

Pictures of individuals crying with the remark, “Me thinking of March 7th,” went viral.
All of this contributes to a profound feeling of dread, although March 7 may not be as catastrophic as first thought.

Instead, it has been speculated that, as of March 7, a number of accounts devoted to European soccer may be suspended.

Users claim that these suspensions would be implemented due to copyright infringement by the accounts, which are notorious for reposting video excerpts that belong to other sources.

Some individuals are scared of the date because, as one user put it, “I suppose all football accounts are getting blocked for copyright.”

Some TikTok users who are also avid soccer fans have completely lost it over this claim, and it has spread widely. However, it is currently unknown if this rumour has any basis in fact.

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Should We Truly Expect a Ban on Soccer Accounts?

There has been no official statement indicating that these accounts will be blocked at this time. A lot of people think that these accounts would be blocked because of the copyright issue, however the new rules that have been released by TikTok don’t seem to have much to do with the copyright issue.

What Exactly are the New Rules for Using TikTok?

The new community guidelines from TikTok are aimed squarely at problematic online habits and trends, such as those related to eating disorders.

Additional safeguards for children are being added, but as of yet, there is no mention of the new copyright laws in the policies.

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A small number of accounts may have received warnings that they’re about to be banned, but TikTok has made no official announcements to this effect.

Still, while March 7 may be difficult for some devoted soccer fans, it won’t be the cataclysmic event that some of the posts make it out to be.

Even if soccer fans may have to search elsewhere to satisfy their craving for high-quality sports content, for many individuals, TikTok will continue to function in much the same way as before.