Depending on your point of view, TikTok’s Profile Views function is either your best friend or your worst enemy. If you visit someone else’s profile, it may betray the fact that you’ve been there.

Are you curious about how to maximise your experience with this function? This is the proper location for your needs. Let’s go back through the motions of disabling Profile Views on TikTok.

How to Turn Off Profile Views on Tiktok


When do I Get to See My Tiktok Profile?

TikTok’s Profile Views function acts as a visitor log, recording each user who has viewed your profile during the past 30 days. Functionally, it’s really straightforward: a list of usernames, reverse-chronologically ordered, is provided. The most recent visitor is at the top of the list, and so on.

The primary function of Profile Views is to provide a means of monitoring the number of times your profile has been seen by different people. To use this function, however, both the visitor and the visited must have Profile Views turned on.

If the profile you’re visiting has this feature turned off, neither the profile owner nor you will be notified of your visit.

When you disable Profile Views, you will no longer be visible to other people who have viewed your profile. Thus, if you don’t want a certain person to know that you’ve been looking at their profile, you can do so by turning off Profile Views and waiting 30 days.

To sum up, in order for Profile Views to function, both parties must enable the functionality on their respective profiles. If either of you disables it, you will no longer be able to see the other’s profile visits (related to each other).

If you’re a creator who cares about analytics, Profile Views is a handy tool that gives you a comprehensive overview of everyone who has visited your profile because they found your videos or account interesting enough to click through to your profile.

Since there is currently no way to see who has seen your videos, this list is also the sole way to compile data on specific accounts that interact with your account.

Disabling TikTok Profile Views

  • You may access your profile by tapping the profile icon on the top right of the TikTok screen.
  • To access it, click the eye icon in the top right corner.
  • You can access the settings by clicking the cog symbol in the upper right.
  • The Profile View History toggle button can be disabled by tapping the x button.

There, with a couple of touches, you’ve successfully turned off Profile Views for your account. However, disabling Profile Views does have certain side consequences.

Is there a Consequence for Disabling Profile Views on TikTok?

When you disable Profile Views, other people’s profiles will no longer show you as a visitor. After 30 days, you will automatically be unblocked from their profile views unless you manually activate your block again.

Your profile’s visibility on the list is time-dependent; when more people start viewing it, you will go further down the list if you don’t revisit the profile. Please be mindful that you will once again be visible to them in their list of Profile Views if you impulsively turn it back on.

Without turning off Profile Views, the only method to hide from the other user’s prying eyes is to just ban them on TikTok.

What is the Use of Hiding Your TikTok Profile From Other Users?

If you’re at the top of the food chain and want to know who’s been checking out your profile, Profile Views is a useful tool. However, it may not be ideal for people to know that you have visited their profile, especially if you have done it mistakenly or too frequently.

I’ll explain how in the next paragraphs. When someone visits your profile on TikTok, only that viewer’s IP address is recorded. While the Profile Views setting is disabled, the profile owner will not be alerted if you view their page. As such, you will not be alerted to profile views during this time.

You can still hide the fact that you visited someone’s profile even if they have Profile Views enabled. If you disable this function and then allow it again before the 30-day view history period has elapsed, you will immediately appear again in their Profile Views list.

Blocking a person is another option if you don’t want to see their profile view count. Naturally, you should only resort to this procedure if you have exhausted all other possibilities.

The TikTok Feature “Profile Views” should be Disabled.

The number of profile views can tell you a lot about how popular your videos or account are among YouTube users. For instance, if the TikTok algorithm is propagating your video to other users’ Home feeds, you’ll receive confirmation of this when you receive “new,” “unfamiliar,” and “unique” profile visits.

As a creator, you may utilise Profile Views as research data to learn about your audience: who they are, where they live, what they like to watch, and so on.

Turning off Profile Views completely means missing out on a chance to see who is viewing your content naturally.

You can use it to monitor how often people view your profile. There is no way to tell how long ago someone viewed your profile by looking at the Profile Views list, as there is no time stamp next to the user’s name.

On the other hand, their username would inconspicuously reveal the’relevance’ or ‘currency’ of the activity by jumping to the most recent position from the previous one with each new visit. If you visit a profile that has Profile Views enabled, you are subject to the same restrictions.

If you have blocked someone, would it still indicate that you have viewed their profile?
Once you block a user, they will no longer be able to see a record of when you visited their profile in the Profile Views section. You will reappear on the list if you unblock them within the 30-day history period.

But if you sneak a peek at their profiles while you have them blocked, they won’t know who you are and won’t see your account in their list of Profile Views.

When I Unblock Someone on TikTok, would I be Able to See their Previous Profile Views Again?

Yes, your profile view history will reappear in the person you unblocked’s profile page if you unblock them within the 30 day time limit.

In the case at hand, their Profile Views section will display your most recent visit in chronological order relative to other viewers they received during the time specified.