With millions of players enjoying poker both in physical poker rooms and online, the game has become a worldwide phenomenon. It’s a market that’s ripe for the picking for app developers, and with 54% of poker players considering it as a game of skill, there’s no shortage of apps out there tailor-made for the aspiring card shark.

5 Best iOS Apps for Poker Players

5 Best iOS Apps for Poker Players

Here are the best apps on iOS for poker players.

1. SnapShove

Founded by professional poker player Max Silver, the SnapShove app is one of the best all-in Texas Hold’em calculators on mobile. It gives instant answers to real-time poker decisions and helps even beginners understand poker concepts.

It’s really intended for people with a solid background in poker who want to improve their game, though. It helps players improve their shove/fold ranges, and the Pro version also offers offline access. Despite being released in 2016, it’s still constantly being updated to incorporate new rules and situations found in the latest tournaments.

2. Zynga Poker

Most poker players have probably heard of Zynga Poker by now. It’s been around since 2008 and was the largest poker site in the world for a few years. Available from anywhere in the world, it offers a great opportunity to play poker with friends on a downloadable app.

This means that unlike other poker sites, the controls and graphics are actually optimized for mobile devices. Zynga Poker has been around for a long time, so it’s an obvious choice for players who are looking for some casual poker games with random people.

3. Politaire

Poker lends itself well to many different variations, and Politaire showcases this beautifully. Politaire is a mix of solitaire and poker, offering an interesting new twist to both games with beautiful, minimalistic art. It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to pick up, but also provides some challenges through Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

Those looking to improve their game can also access detailed game statistics. Because every game is different, the game has excellent replayability and can be a great way to pass the time for poker enthusiasts who don’t exactly want to be playing poker all the time.

4. Pineapple – 13 Card Poker

Another great app that can be used to play poker with friends, Pineapple – 13 Card Poker’s claim to fame is that it’s the only app to offer 3-handed games between friends, as well as RNG-certified random card dealing. You can play three variants of poker with friends on the app by simply using their in-game @username – no need to connect your app with your Facebook or Game Center account! For those looking for a truly casual game and want to enjoy their privacy, Pineapple is a great choice. Buyers be warned, though – game insights can only be unlocked with a Pro subscription, which can cost between $14.99 and $24.99 per month!

5. Poker Income Bankroll Tracker

iOS Apps for Poker Players

If you aspire to be part of the professional poker ranks one day, you will need some way to keep track of your finances, and Poker Income Bankroll Tracker is a fantastic option. It’s the first graphical live HUD tracker of its kind, letting you take pictures and notes on your opponents and track your games against particular players.

This helps you find the most profitable games you’ve played, detect patterns in your playing styles, and improve your skills by showing you each possible angle of your games from your charts. Serious poker players will want little else when it comes to analyzing their games.