Recently, a post on Reddit that addressed the age-old subject of whether or not Tom and Jerry were buddies went viral. Although Reddit threads sometimes feature offbeat queries and similarly offbeat replies, this particular post received neither, proving that the site’s standards had been met.

As a matter of fact, the post has been shared numerous times over the past week, making it rather popular. Do Tom and Jerry get along famously? According to the post, the answer is “yes,” meaning that they are close friends.

It’s explained in the text that Tom and Jerry are mutually fond of one another as friends. But Tom acts as if he hates Jerry and chases him in front of his owner to keep Jerry safe, as the latter is only a rodent.

He does this so that his master would understand how much he despises Jerry and won’t replace him with another cat that is more likely to harm Jerry than he is. Fans agreed with this explanation and quickly came up with other episodes where it was demonstrated.

Is Tom And Jerry Best Friends

When nobody is there to witness their arguments, Tom and Jerry are shown to be having a nice time while they unwind in their own spaces. Another person asserted that a show featuring the substitution of another cat for Tom actually aired.

This episode adds credence to the argument, since the other really does want to kill Jerry. Tom and Jerry work together to escape the house with the mechanical cat, bringing Tom back to life. At the episode’s close, Tom expresses his gratitude to Jerry, and the two friends smile at one another before returning to their usual antics.


Is Tom And Jerry Best Friends?

Since its debut 81 years ago, fans of the American animated comedy series “Tom and Jerry” have shown their appreciation in countless ways. Tom (the cat) and Jerry (the dog) are depicted in a bittersweet competition (mouse). About a year ago, a social media post attempted to address the age-old question, “Are Tom and Jerry best friends?” and it went global.

The response is “Tom and Jerry are best buddies,” according to a Reddit post that publishes both strange questions and strange replies. Reddit users have been talking about how wonderful Tom and Jerry’s friendship is for well over a year now.

Tom and Jerry are the best of buddies,” it read. Tom pretends to dislike Jerry so that his master won’t get rid of him and replace him with a real killer. Users on Twitter commented on the Reddit article, spreading it far and wide and helping it to grow viral.

As Tom and Jerry are close pals, this is also how we learned the answer to the age-old puzzle. Tom and Jerry are described as being immensely fond of one another in the post. Tom just acts as though he despises Jerry and grabs for him in front of his owner.

Are Tom And Jerry Friends In Last Episode?

Even though Tom and Jerry give off the impression that they hate one other, their friendship has been well-documented for quite some time. Although it is not the series finale, this episode is widely regarded as the show’s darkest and saddest. On November 16, 1956, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer released a film titled “Blue Cats Blue.”

Without giving anything away, in case you haven’t seen the short, at the outset, Tom and Jerry are portrayed to be close friends. This demonstrates that Tom and Jerry remained close buddies right up until the final episode. Are Tom and Jerry best friends? find out in the article below.

Are Tom and Jerry Dead?

The answers to your questions are no, Tom and Jerry did not die. They did not pass away, and they never will. Because of this, they live forever. The justification is as follows. Tom and Jerry had a suicidal episode called Blue Cat Blues where they’re both feeling down about their relationship with each other.

They spend the final moments of the episode waiting on a train track, ready to jump in front of the oncoming train and end their lives together. No doubt you have caught up on the entire series by now.

If so, you know that they virtually kill each other in every episode. They just use whatever they can get their hands on to rend and crush each other to pieces. If they can make it through all of that together, riding a train should be easy.

Tom and Jerry Creator Passes Away

Tom and Jerry animator Gene Deitch has passed away at the age of 95. Tom and Jerry were created by Gene Deitch, an Oscar-winning American animator and illustrator.

According to Petr Himmel, Deitch’s Czech editor, Deitch passed away suddenly at his home in Prague’s Little Quarter district on the night of Thursday to Friday. Himmel made the announcement to The Associated Press.

No other information was given. In 1960, Deitch’s “Munro” was honored with an Oscar Award for Best Animated Short Film. In 1964, his film “Here’s Nudnik” earned him two nominations for this honor.

Since the short appears to end with Tom and Jerry’s deaths, it is sometimes taken to be the series finale. Tot Watchers (1958) was the last short made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Chuck Jones’s Purr-Chance To Dream (1967) at Sib Tower 12 was the last short made anywhere.


Because to their abundance of wit, witty language, and offbeat antics, cartoons are one of the best ways to have a good time laughing. Seeing the value of friendships in the real world may be aided by viewing the relationships between cartoon characters.

A few cartoon characters are well-known for their roles as parents, and Tom and Jerry are often mentioned as having the best friendship. Likewise, get ready to learn the benefits and advantages of a friendship between a mouse and a cat.

Despite the fact that we’ve seen them at odds on screen, the friendship between these two cartoon icons is often recognized as the best of all time and a cultural phenomenon. Children in particular can learn a lot from these cartoon characters.