Kickass Torrent used to be a kickass torrent site. It was a well knows sharing site. unfortunately, due to some legal and copyright issues, the owner was arrested and that was the end of the kickass torrent websites.

It was the best website to download movies, games, applications, and software. Many other fake websites were made but they also got shut down.


7 Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents That Work Right Now

But in today’s times, there are thousands of alternative so here we will discuss those alternatives –

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is worldwide famous. This website provides you everything you want in a single place. Websites are well organized and easy to use.

While opening the website you will find different categories and a search option box from there you can search your things and it will take only two seconds to appear on your screens.

The website is fast and the layout attracts lots of people. You can find many things such as- any application, videos, games, and others.

It is free of cost and the best thing will be to download your favorites shows or application and watch it later without any disturbance. This website is easy to locate.

2. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent has therefore recently launched a new URL, providing a new and enhanced update, This one of several leading BitTorrent websites. Although the format is a little messy, you can still download the movies, series, apps, and songs from a large selection.

ExtraTorrent blocks the pop-up advertisements, the genre is easy to found. The category is well maintained and news movies and shows keep on adding.

They respect the privacy of the users and if they face some issue regarding some privacy, they keep the users updated about it.

3. YTS

YTS is a great site for people who are looking for old and classic movies this is heaven for them. It is a mixture of some websites because it has everything in a little bit. The best thing about this website that you can watch movies and shows in HD.

You can easily download shows and movies as per your preference and watch them in your free time. Unfortunately, this website is not for people who are looking to download games or for listening to songs this website is only for people who are interested in watching movies.

4. Zooqle

If you are a fan of games and you like to play games then this website is for you. After Kickass torrent this website was known for gaming.

On this website, every game is uploaded and you can easily play those games. It is easy to find but sometimes the updating is a bit slow but the layout is quite catchy.

It has some great users who made this website worldwide popular, but not for the game this website is also known for watching shows and movies, on this website you will find a mixture of everything. It depends on you what attracts you the most and what you want to watch.

5. 1337x

It is quite similar to pirate bay. These websites offer you mostly the same thing it can be more. These websites let you download your favorite shows movies, applications, songs, and other things that you like.

This website is also widely popular and it is very easy to use. When opening the website, you will find the search option and there you can easily search your favorites content which you want to watch, there are many options on this website you can watch shows and movies online and you can also download it.

I prefer to download it because it better to watch it without any disturbance because sometimes advertisements pop-ups or you go into third-party advertisements so it becomes difficult, I think it better to watch any movies after downloading it because b thing you can avoid the distraction.

But this site is very well organized and the layout is amazing. Websites are easy to find and user-friendly.


This website has an easy layout, which you can follow. They have large varieties of movies divided into different categories such as top movies or different series -so it will become easy for an individual to locate their favorite movies and is one of the best free downloadable sites for torrents, videos, games, and music.

You will find different folders and links to open the file in the websites. But sometimes it becomes difficult to access this website because it starts causing some problems while operating the websites. It is difficult to access RARBG in some countries, it has been blocked and some countries still have access to it.

7. LimeTorrents

It is a great website to use as an alternative if one of your favorites Torrent is websites is down, lime torrents is the best alternative to use.

It has huge collection of movies and the owner keep on updating the list and keep on adding different category and genre to make it more useful for the users to download and use the websites. If you are looking for some classic movies and shows then this website is not for you.

This website provides you all the latest movies and shows and they have designed the layout in such a way that it becomes very easy for the user to use the website and they don’t face any problem while using this website.

The movies are well organized with the date of launch, it becomes easy to find the movies you want to watch. You can use this website in some countries only where the lime torrents websites are not blocked.

Final Words

Kickass torrent is legal in most countries, but you can’t download movies and shows if it is copyrighted then it is legal. Sometimes kickass torrent does not work because the server might be down so here in this article, we will discuss the different alternatives to use if some websites do not work.

From these websites, you can easily download movies and series and watch them without any hassle. These websites are well-known sites and most of the sites are easy to use and the layout is attractive and easy to follow.

It is user-friendly and if you have any problem regarding privacy you can always download VPN and use it safely without thinking about viruses and threats, your pc will be safe from any threats so it best to download VPN.

This alternative is well organized and updated, everything is divided if you want to watch old movies you have the option and if you are interested in watching new movies then there are tons of options.