Major League Baseball’s (MLB) crackdown on pitchers using illicit substances quickly went from well-organized to incredibly frustrating. Or so thinks Max Scherzer, ace pitcher for the Washington Nationals.

The game was halted in the midst of the fourth inning so the umpires could perform the two mandatory checks of a starting pitcher’s hat, glove, and belt. The three-time Cy Young winner was visibly irritated by this point.

Nationals Max Scherzer Visibly Annoyed When Umpires Check Him ...

Scherzer delivered an inside fastball to Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Alec Bohm, who had to swerve to avoid getting hit with the Nationals leading 3-1. A strikeout was the eventual result for Scherzer, but the umpires thought they needed to double-check him.

Scherzer threw down his glove and cap in frustration and appeared ready to undo his belt and pants as well before the umpires called a timeout.

New MLB regulations allow managers to request a drug test on an opposing pitcher if they have reasonable suspicion that the pitcher is using an illegal substance.

After the game, Girardi said, “I’ve seen Max for a long time, since 2010. But he’s never gone like this before, wiping his head like he did tonight.

The Delay Seemed to Energise Scherzer, Who was Already one of the Game’s Most Enthusiastic Players.

Max Scherzer, ace of the Nationals, and manager Dave Martinez discuss Scherzer’s third drug test of the game, which was administered by umpire Alfonso Marquez.

Scherzer left the field looking at the Phillies’ dugout and manager Joe Girardi after finishing off the fifth inning with his eighth strikeout of the game. Right before the sixth inning began, Girardi emerged from the bench and looked to shout at Scherzer.

Shortly after, Tim Timmons, the home plate umpire, dismissed Girardi. In the sixth inning, Scherzer was replaced by a pinch hitter. Scherzer earned his sixth victory of the year as the Nationals prevailed, 3-2.

Later in the evening, Oakland Athletics pitcher Sergio Romo topped Scherzer’s antics by really taking off his belt and undoing his pants so the umpire could check him.