The fantasy light novel series Kaiyari was adapted into the anime Redo of Healer, which premiered last year to positive reviews. The show attracted a devoted fan base, despite widespread condemnation for its graphic depiction of murder, sexual assault, cannibalism, slavery, and torture.

More than a year has passed since the season one finale aired, and fans are still waiting for the next episode. Has this anime been revived, though? Discover the answer here.

Redo of Healer Season 2


Will there be a second season of Redo of Healer?

Neither the anime studio TNK nor the show’s creators have commented on whether or not Season 1 will be renewed for a second run. After the first season concluded on March 31, 2021, many were hoping for an official announcement shortly after. The light novel’s author, Rui Tsukiyo, tweeted shortly after the season 1 finale aired that a second season had not been confirmed. After the series finale of Redo of Healer, he tweeted his appreciation to viewers. Goodbye to the Healer’s World Redo!

The second season has not yet been officially announced, but it appears that they are considering it. If you enjoy the show and want to see it return for a second season, please show your support by purchasing the first one. You’ll be able to see the second season soon if it’s decided, the tweet promised. The manga series, on the other hand, has 11 volumes so far, with the most recent one coming out on August 10. This suggests there is a wealth of material for the anime to draw from, raising hopes for a second season. Sentai Filmworks is handling licencing for the anime outside of Japan.

Healer Season 2 Reboot: What to Expect from the Story

Keyaru, a healer magician, was the central character of the first season. She was a victim of sexual abuse and neglect. Soon, though, he learns the extent of his abilities and discovers that healing magicians are the most powerful type of magicians.

He chooses to go back in time four years, using the magic of the Philosopher’s Stone, to avenge himself on his attackers.

At the season’s end, Keyaru decides he will never be truly happy until he exacts his revenge on Bullet for the terrible rape he suffered at his hands. If a second season is produced, it will follow Keyaru as he plots his revenge against Bullet.

Redo of Healer Season 2 Cast

Some of the voice performers may return for the following season. Yuya Hozumi will likely keep on voicing Keyaruga. Ayano Shibuya, Shizuka Ishigami, Natsuki Aikawa, Yasuaki Takumi, Leonard, and Mami Fujita are only few of the voice actors who may be heard in these roles.

Voice actors Tetsu Inada (Bullet), Natsumi Takamori (Eve Reese), Asuka Nishi (Anna), and Takaya Hashi (King Prome) will all be included in the anime.