Seventeen men and boys, many of whom were LGBT and people of colour, were brutally murdered and dismembered by Jeffrey Dahmer, America’s most renowned serial killer, sex offender, and cannibal.

As the new Netflix series “Monster” continues to shock viewers around the world, many are curious as to Jeffrey Dahmer’s educational background. Did he go to college, then? This completes the picture of his academic background.

Where Did Jeffrey Dahmer Go to High School


Did Jeffrey Dahmer Attend Any Universities?

In fact, Jeffrey Dahmer went to Revere High School (RHS) in the Ohio community of Bath Township, not far from Richfield. Dahmer’s social isolation began during his freshman year at Revere High School. At 14, he started drinking regularly. He was known to smuggle booze into school in his jacket.

When approached by a fellow student, Jeffrey claimed the booze was truly medicine. While Jeffrey did not make many friends his freshman year, he did impress his instructors with his politeness and intelligence, as seen by the “average grades” he earned.

Jeffrey participated in tennis and the school band as extracurricular activities. When Jeffrey was young, he found it fascinating to see his father clean up the crawl space under the house in search of animal bones.

Lionel noted in an interview how his son got “oddly thrilled” by the sound of bones and obsessed with them. He even began examining live creatures with the intention of discovering their skeletons.

Jeffrey came out to himself as gay throughout his teenage years, but he didn’t tell his family. First, Jeffrey came from a deeply troubled background, and second, his fundamentalist Christian father would never have approved of his son’s sexual orientation.

The so-called “Milwaukee Cannibal” maintained respectable academic standing at Revere High School until his drinking got out of hand in 1977. Jeffrey was the school’s class clown, notorious for his frequent “Doing a Dahmer” pranks.

Examples of such behaviour include “bleating and simulating epileptic seizures or cerebral palsy at school and local stores.” Dahmer was known to pull similar stunts in high school to earn money for booze.

In 1978, Jeffrey completed his schooling at RHS. His first murder occurred only a few weeks later. Though it’s hardly an excuse, Jeffrey’s difficult upbringing undoubtedly played a significant influence in turning him into the vicious cannibal and necrophiliac that he is now.

Neither of his parents gave a damn about what he was doing. Lionel Dahmer, a scientist by trade, ignored his son’s academic pursuits, and his mother had significant mental health problems.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Attend College?

Yes, Jeffrey Dahmer attended Ohio State University for a short time after murdering and dismembering Steven Hicks. He entered the famous university with the intention of earning a business degree but, after three months, he dropped out owing to his chronic alcoholism.

His pre-departure grade point average was only 0.45/4.0. Lionel had already paid in full for Jeffrey’s second term, but he decided not to finish it. But his dad got him recruited in the Army, where he was chastised for drinking on occasion at Fort Sam Houston.

Despite this, he was able to fulfil his duty as a medic in the West German Armed Forces. After being found unfit for military service in March 1981, he was eventually discharged from the Army.

Despite not finishing college, Jeffrey Dahmer was able to perform unspeakably horrible atrocities thanks to his mastery of chemistry, which he learned primarily from his father Lionel. While they were still alive, he would do things like drill holes in their skulls and pour hydrochloric acid on them.

In a sick attempt to turn them into his “zombie slave,” he did this. After barely two years in prison, Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver. The death penalty had been abolished in Wisconsin, so he didn’t have to worry about that. Christopher believes he was the “chosen one” and hence has no remorse over murdering the monster.