The man in Last Seen Alive is on the hunt for his missing wife in this thrilling action film. The man who took matters into his own hands in the first film adaptation of Chase continues his search for his lost wife in this sequel.

When Will Spann’s wife vanishes at a petrol station, he begins a big quest to find her but soon finds himself in trouble with the law and on the run. On October 1, 2022, the film was made available on Netflix in the United States and quickly became a hit.

The synopsis of ‘Last Seen Alive’ piques our interest, but the places where the film was shot have us even more curious.

Where was Last Seen Alive Filmed


Locations Investigated for the Movie “Last Seen Alive”

Originally titled Chase, Voltage Pictures acquired the film for theatrical release in July of 2021. Production for Last Seen Alive began that May (2021). One thing you find out will shock you. The movie was shot in a mere 8 days. Like this, the days sped by, and it’s incredible to think that a movie was shot in just eight.

Gerard Butler and Jaimie Alexander, two of the film’s most spectacular stars, have said that they and their co-stars improvised the vast bulk of the film’s scenes. The film was shot entirely within the Savannah MSA in the state of Georgia.

Savannah’s Greater Metro Area

This spot lies in the heart of Savannah, the largest city in Georgia. The Office of Management and Budget defines this area as Bryan, Chatham, and Effingham counties in Georgia.

The series’ crew based out of Savannah, where they filmed several of the series’ most important sequences. As a result of government subsidies, Georgia has become a popular filmmaking site. In addition, the team’s other excellent film, Last Seen Alive, was shot there as well.

All About The Gas Station

One of the most prominent settings in the film was a petrol station. His wife disappeared in that area. What happened after she walked into the store to get some water when they stopped for gas is horrifying.

It’s terrible to see him look for his wife throughout the entire petrol station. Filming took place at the Texaco Rincon on North Columbia Avenue and 1113. According to stories, the Texaco Star is a familiar and inviting friend to individuals who are alone on the long and lonely American road.

In this Case, the Bridge

We next see Will drive through a bridge in search of Lisa and to begin his own investigation into the events. The bridge also served as a focal point because of its visual appeal. The Talmadge Memorial Bridge in Savannah appears to be the one depicted in the film.

In 1953, work began on what would become the Talmadge Memorial Bridge; its successor was completed in 1991. The northern terminus of the bridge is situated on Hutchinson Island, which lies between the Savannah and Back rivers.

City of Bloomingdale

Let’s discuss the local police station as well. Suburban Bloomingdale is especially significant because the production company filmed in the police station there. U.S. citizens can visit Bloomingdale, a city in Chatham County, Georgia. The area is included in the Savannah MSA.

Island of Wilmington

Wilmington Island, a census-designated place about 20 minutes from Savannah, was the last stop for the film crew. The Island is a suburban community in Savannah.

The neighbourhoods on Wilmington Island are a large, affluent suburb of Savannah, where the vast majority of islanders find gainful employment. East of Savannah, between Thunderbolt and Tybee Island, is where you’ll find this island.