Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, also known as Doja Cat, is a famous American rapper and performer. Her popularity skyrocketed after the release of songs like Mooo! and Candy. She has won a slew of prizes in her brief career, including a Grammy after 11 nominations, five Billboard honours, five American Music prizes, and three MTV Video Music Awards.

It’s standard practise for the media to shift its attention from a celebrity’s professional endeavours to tidbits about their personal lives, such as their dating life. Doja Cat may be a relative newcomer to the celebrity street, but she’s already proven that she’s got a cool head on her shoulders and respects her fans’ desire for privacy.

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She went so far as to say in an interview that she prefers to keep her personal life under wraps “until it becomes real.” However, that doesn’t stop people from wondering and making assumptions whenever someone tags her in a photo. Take a look at the folks she has dated so far and what we know about them!


It’s possible that Doja Cat’s relationship with you is the only one she’s ever discussed publicly. She posted a “I love you baby” comment on one of his Honeypie videos, marking their first online flirtation.

And on one of her photos, he scribbled, “Hey girl, I just showed this pic to my little cousin and I told him that we’re together.” Now is not the time to make me look like a liar. Sadly for everyone who’shipped’ them, they did not last long.

Doja Cat went on Instagram Live to put an end to the rumours. She claimed, “Everything is fine now that I stopped following my ex-boyfriend. We’ve been really chill. There is nothing unusual occurring. There is no strangeness or drama. Things didn’t pan out, man. Truly, honesty is the best policy.

2: French Montana

In October of 2020, rumours began that Doja Cat and French Montana were dating. French Montana’s fans went wild after he shared a video of himself and Doja Cat partying on a yacht. He also added her as a video tag recipient.

Their followers began to speculate about their connection when the video went viral. However, Doja Cat swiftly put an end to the talk. She announced the news via Twitter: “Me and French has a song coming out. “F-kin chill out,”

3: Lil Dicky

Doja Cat’s appearance on an episode of Lil Dicky’s show, Dave, sparked the rumours. Fans speculated that the two were romantically involved due to the sizzling attraction they saw between them.

Dave, played by Lil Dicky, was revealed to have paired with Doja Cat on the episode. Despite the obvious sizzling chemistry between them onscreen, neither actor pursued the attraction.

4: Bree Runway

The year of speculation is 2021. Bree tweeted “my hot date @DojaCat” along with a photo of the two of them, sparking the rumours. Doja Cat’s licking-tongue emoji in response to the tweet set off a frenzy among the cat’s devoted following.

They were seen kissing and cuddling at a gathering Drake gave. They continued to show each other photos from the event. Doja Cat also said at one point that she was coming out to the world about having a “girlfriend.”

You already know how much I adore my WOMANNNN! “Love youuuuu @dojacat best night everrrr,” Bree wrote beside a gallery of photos of the two of them. However, their devoted following can’t decide if they’re just trolls or a real couple.

Doja Cat also shared a series of party photos and a video of them chilling, in which Bree rests her head on Doja Cat’s lap. Interestingly, Doja wrote, “I took too long to post this but-.” as the photo’s caption.

None of them came forward to confirm or reject the rumours after the back-and-forth on Twitter and during the parties. So, it’s hard to tell if they were a couple or if they were simply playing around with their followers.

5: French Montana

Yes, it appears that the rumoured couple has reconciled. In honour of their mutual buddy Adam Zia’s birthday, the ex-collaborators reunited in the Bahamas. Again, it was Montana who posted a photo collage including Doja Cat as a tag.

The photos were titled “AFRICANS IN BAHAMAS” under his annotations. Doja Cat, however, was quick to put an end to the rumours, just as she had done before. A simple “Love you brother” from her silenced the rumours. That’s one way to put an end to the rumours!

6: Joji

Reddit users have learned that Doja Cat has had a crush on Japanese singer Joji since at least 2015. She even erased a tweet that said “f*ck me joji” after sending it. In 2019 and again in 2022, her fans observed that she liked his posts, implying that she was not quite over him.

The singer of “Say So” spoke clean about her crush on him during an Instagram Live performance. But she had to put an end to the rumours. She denied, “No, I’m not dating Joji. It’s not that he isn’t adorable. She may be willing to talk to him if he initiates contact, but she clearly no longer wants to play games to win his attention.

7: Mystery Man

Doja Cat’s fans assume she is in a relationship and are frustrated by her efforts to keep it under wraps. But she may have accidentally let it slip that she had a boyfriend. Someone called out “babe” during the rapper’s Instagram Live.

She panicked, grinned, and informed him she was broadcasting live before abruptly cutting the feed. Fans have tried to figure out who he is, but it’s tough to tell from a single sentence. Doja Cat does not want that individual to be discovered under any circumstances.

Doja Cat doesn’t like to confirm or deny her relationships publicly, but she will put an end to rumours in no time. Until she is certain that the relationship is real, it is clear that she would prefer to keep that aspect of her life out of the spotlight.