Watching the ‘Animal Kingdom’ season six conclusion left many wondering if the show will be renewed for a seventh season. We aren’t ready to let go of our beloved characters just yet. It’s a lot of fun, there’s a lot going on, and the programme has improved greatly since the first season.

After his mom died, Joshua decided to move in with his gang leader grandmother. When he gets mixed up in his cousins’ illegal operations, his life takes an unexpected turn. The story and writing are superb. Overall, the acting from the cast makes the show binge-worthy. Let’s find out whether Animal Kingdom is renewed for a second season.

Animal Kingdom Season 7


Is Animal Kingdom Coming Back, and if so, When?

The final ride of the show has ended. The sixth season of Animal Kingdom was its last. A lot of viewers thought the season finale was satisfying enough, but they’d still like to see more episodes. But alas, there will be no more seasons, and the show is concluded.

“Here’s a sincere ‘thank you from all of us at Animal Kingdom,'” the show’s official Twitter account wrote. Thank you for coming along on this wild adventure with the Codys, whether you’ve been here since the beginning or just recently joined us.

The Real Reason the Show Ended

There is no overarching point to the show’s conclusion, in case you were wondering. In fact, ratings were extremely high for the show. The ending was intended to be satisfying to both the viewers and the protagonists.

The creator of the show was quoted as saying to a media outlet, “Basically, I did not want the audience to feel that they were not given a worthy finale of something that we’ve all invested a lot of time in.” In terms of stress, of course you do!

For her part, Daniele said, “I hope it’ll be remembered as an exciting, adrenaline-filled, fun show that is also a dark family drama that deals with intergenerational trauma and the love of brothers.” Shawn wrote, “Bittersweet news,” to indicate the show was cancelled.

Season 6 will be the last for the Cody family, but we can be assured that we’ll get a fitting sendoff thanks to our excellent writers. That means the Codys will have a dignified exit. Only 26 episodes remain, so cheer up! The equivalent of a thousand hours… Season 5 premieres this summer, so stay tuned!

What Happened in Animal Kingdom’s Final Season?

Without giving anything away, I will say that the climax of Animal Kingdom was quite gripping. In the concluding installment of TNT’s action-packed family crime drama, the Cody boys learn that they can’t escape their history.

A cold case inquiry triggers a chain of events that threatens to destroy the family’s growing fortune. Six seasons of buildup culminate in an explosive denouement fueled by revenge, treachery, and a reckoning with long-forgotten bloodshed.