Apple Pencil has been a game-changer in the world of digital artistry and note-taking since its release. But how does it stack up against other styluses on the market, particularly when using applications like Procreate, or when compared to options such as the Zagg Pro?

This article provides an in-depth comparison, addressing build quality, power modes, features, precision, connectivity, battery life, and the thoughts of the Reddit community.

Apple Pencil vs Stylus


Apple Pencil vs. Stylus: A Comparison

While ‘stylus’ is a generic term that can apply to any tool used for interaction with touch screens, the Apple Pencil is a proprietary product specifically designed for Apple devices.

Build Quality

The Apple Pencil boasts a sleek and minimalistic design, resembling a traditional pencil. Its solid, high-quality build feels balanced and comfortable in the hand. On the other hand, generic styluses come in various shapes, sizes, and build qualities.

Some may offer a similar feel to the Apple Pencil, while others might feel less balanced due to lighter materials or less ergonomic design.

Mode of Power

Unlike many standard styluses that don’t require power, the Apple Pencil needs charging. It magnetically attaches to the side of the iPad for wireless charging.

The inclusion of a battery allows for advanced features like pressure sensitivity and tilt functionality, which most regular styluses don’t support.


When it comes to features, the Apple Pencil shines with its pressure sensitivity, tilt functionality, and virtually no latency, delivering a highly responsive and fluid drawing experience.

Most generic styluses can’t match this level of feature integration due to the lack of built-in power and advanced connectivity.

Precision Instrument

The Apple Pencil, with its fine tip and advanced sensors, allows for a high level of precision, making it an excellent tool for drawing, handwriting, and professional work. Many standard styluses, especially those with a rubber tip, can’t offer the same level of accuracy.


Apple Pencil pairs and connects seamlessly with iPad via Bluetooth. This ensures low latency and enables advanced features. Most generic styluses rely on the capacitive touch of the screen and don’t require any connectivity, leading to higher latency and a lack of advanced features.

Battery and Power

The Apple Pencil offers around 12 hours of battery life and can be quickly charged by attaching it to the iPad. Most generic styluses, not having advanced features, don’t need batteries or charging.

Procreate, Zagg Pro, and the Apple Pencil

Procreate, a popular drawing app for iPad, works beautifully with the Apple Pencil, fully utilizing its pressure and tilt sensitivity for a natural drawing experience.

The Zagg Pro stylus is a competitor to the Apple Pencil, offering features like tilt recognition and universal compatibility (including iPad). However, it lacks the pressure sensitivity of the Apple Pencil, which can be a crucial factor for artists and designers.

Insights from Reddit

The Reddit community often discusses the Apple Pencil’s superior performance, with users praising its precision and seamless integration with the iPad and Procreate.

Some users suggest cheaper alternatives for casual note-taking, but most agree that for professional work and drawing, the Apple Pencil remains unmatched.


While the Apple Pencil comes with a higher price tag than most generic styluses, its build quality, advanced features, precision, and seamless connectivity make it a worthwhile investment, particularly for artists and professionals.

With its specific compatibility, the Apple Pencil takes full advantage of apps like Procreate, offering a fluid and natural drawing experience.