Apple TV Channels are part of the Apple TV app, offering users the opportunity to subscribe to a variety of premium channels without needing to download multiple apps.

This article will discuss what Apple TV Channels are, provide a list of free channels, breakdown costs, talk about subscription details, and answer some common questions about Apple TV Channels.

Apple TV Channels


What are Apple TV Channels?

Apple TV Channels is a feature within the Apple TV app that allows you to subscribe to streaming services directly within the app, in addition to Apple’s own streaming service, Apple TV+.

This means you can watch content from your subscribed channels directly from the Apple TV app without needing to bounce between different apps.

Free Apple TV Channels

While Apple TV Channels typically require a subscription, Apple occasionally offers some channels for free for a limited time.

Currently, free channels may vary depending on your location and Apple’s ongoing promotions. Always check the Apple TV app for the latest free offers.

Apple TV Channels by Cost

The cost of subscribing to Apple TV Channels varies depending on the channel. For instance, HBO Max and Showtime are typically priced at $14.99/month, while channels like Starz and Cinemax cost around $8.99/month and $9.99/month, respectively.

Subscribing to Apple TV Channels

Subscribing to Apple TV Channels is easy. Just open the Apple TV app, go to the ‘Watch Now’ section, scroll down to the ‘Channels’ section, and click on the channel you’re interested in. Then, select ‘Try it Free’ or ‘Subscribe.’

Does Apple TV Have Live TV Channels?

While Apple TV Channels primarily offer on-demand content, some channels may also provide live streams. Channels such as CBS All Access (rebranded as Paramount+) offer live TV in addition to their on-demand content.

Is Netflix Free on Apple TV?

Netflix is available on Apple TV, but it is not free. You will need a separate subscription to access Netflix content, and the subscription cannot be made through Apple TV Channels — it must be done through the Netflix app or website.

Is Apple TV Free with Amazon Prime?

No, Apple TV is not free with Amazon Prime. The two are separate services each requiring their own subscriptions.

Is Apple TV Channels Free?

Apple TV Channels are not generally free. Each channel requires its own subscription, and prices vary by channel. However, Apple does occasionally offer free trials or limited-time free access to some channels.

In conclusion, Apple TV Channels offers a way to consolidate your premium channel subscriptions into one app. Though it requires individual subscriptions for each channel, the convenience and integration it offers make it an attractive option for Apple device users.