Atdhe has been the most popular choice for sports lovers around the world. It has top notch collection of sports videos and supports high quality live streaming. All of which is available free of cost.

However, sometimes the website gets temporarily down due to various reasons. You can try some of the Atdhe like website from the list provided below.


 1. Stream2watch

Stream2watch is one of the most popular sports streaming platform available on the internet today. With over hundreds of sports category to choose from, the website has gained enough number of daily viewers on its webpage. The website is highly advanced with an easy navigation system and interface.

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The layout and structure of the website is very sleek and simple. Talking about the quality of content it offers, no one can beat Stream2watch in this. From live matches to watching the repeat telecast or highlights, everything is available in high quality.

Users can also download the match for future streaming if they wish to. They get the advantage of choosing in which quality they want to download it. Moreover, the site also let’s viewers especially the sports lovers to interact through their live chat option.

Almost all types of sports matches from popular ones like football and cricket to kabaddi and wrestling, everything is available on this website.

Although the website runs quite smoothly in most of the browsers, but it may get temporary disabled due to copyright infringement. If you face such problem, ypu can try other alternative from the list.

2. VIPBox

VIPBox is yet another newest generation sports streaming website that let’s users to watch any sports around the world free of cost. With over a million viewers visiting the website daily, the website is also in the list of most popular streaming platform on the internet today.

The website is very fast when it comes to streaming. Users never encounter lagging no matter how large the traffic is on the website. During poor network connection also, the website tries to stabilize he streaming experience of the users.

The website is well structured and organised with each sports categorized under different sports categories. Users can also create a watch list based on the sports they like the most.

The website suggest the users different sporty videos based on users preferences. Apart from this with a live chat option, users can also interact with other such sports lovers watching the match. The website frequently updates users with the matches coming up in the coming week.

Apart from this a daily reminder is send to the users for the match coming up live. You can choose hundreds of games from football and volleyball to baseball and rugby. However, if the website is not compatible with your browser you may try other alternatives.

3. Ronaldo7

Ronaldo7 is a complete football based streaming platform named after the football legend of the era, “Christians Ronaldo”. The website is highly in used by football freaks when it comes to streaming football matches online.

Apart from streaming football, the website also provides daily updates related to Ronaldo, news and other such sports endorsements and happenings. The website just like any other streaming platform has a well equipped interface and navigation system.

The layout and structure is quite simple which makes it an easiest website for streaming sports. The streaming experience on this website is excellent and there is never an issue related to lagging or poor network connection.

It does not requires large bandwidth for functioning. However if the website is temporarily down, you can look for other alternatives listed below.

4. VIPLeague

This website has some of the coolest features available to provide to their users. Just like any other alternative, the website delivers high quality content to its visitors. From live matches to  highlights and extras, the website is one stop destination for sports lovers.

The website has most of its content cricket based. It is highly popular among cricket lovers. With an online love chat feature, users can easily interact with other such cricket fans out there.

Even though the website consists of most of its content based on cricket, yet it is highly efficient in providing other sports content as well. It’s interface and navigation system is highly efficient and well equipped. All of it is available free of cost.

You can download the match for offline streaming also. It’s layout and structure is well designed and organised which makes it easier for the users to navigate through the website. If you’re a cricket lover, then you should try this website. You’ll definitely fall in love with it.

5. StreamHunter

SteamHunter is yet another remarkable website that provides highest quality live stream and sports related content free of cost. The website grew into popularity recently due to its easy to navigate system and content quality.

Users can also make the live stream interactive by communicating with other such users through the community portal. The website also provides notifications related to the upcoming matches to be broadcasting on the website.

It also provides fastest sports related news to the users. It covers a variety of sports and matches for the users to choose from. The website is highly entertaining for the users to get board of. It also has some of the amazing features available.

The website filters the list of sports which makes easier for the users to choose from. Overall the platform is highly compatible with most of the devices. If you’re a sports lover, you should definitely try this website.

6. Streamwoop

Streamwoop has been on the internet for a very long time now. It covers majority of sports and provides daily updates to its users. The website is quite sleek and easy to use.

Talking about the layout, just like any other alternative it is highly organised and structured which makes it easier for the users to find their preferred stuff. It also sets reminders for the upcoming live stream for the users so that they won’t miss it.

Overall it’s a great website to watch live streams and repeat telecast of your favourite game.


This website is also a great option to choose. It has plenty of ongoing live stream coming up. With over a million of users opening the website everyday, BOSSCAST has become quite a popular website these days.

Talking about it’s interface, it is very sleek and easily manageable. Users spend most of their time on the website’s community portal. Here, most of the sports freak share their thoughts and had a great time talking about their favorite players.

It is supported by most of the browsers. As a result users usually prefers BOSSCAST over any other alternative.

8. Batmanstream

This website has always been a saviour when other alternatives do not shows up. The user interface of this website is very powerful. It is easier to manage and browse through the preferred live stream you wish to watch.

Over the time the website has never disappointed its users. It’s high quality content and amazing features attracts most of the users out there.

9. Sportlemon

Sportlemon is also a top rated website for love streaming sports matches free of cost. The website is highly used by cricket fans. Talking about the layout and structure of the website, sports are divided into various categories for live streaming as well as for watching the repeat telecast.

Apart from this, the website also provides some of the exclusive collection of behind the scene videos and their off screen funny videos. The website is a great source of entertainment for its viewers. It frequently provides news and updates related to every game.

10. Feed2All

The database of this website is filled with a variety of sports related content. It enables live streaming as well as repeat telecast of the games as well. Users can also download the whole game and keep it for offline streaming as well. Overall its a great website to explore.

11. StrikeOut

This website is popular for its high quality cricket content. Although it provides content from a variety of games, but users get attracted for it’s cricket related content. The layout and structure is just like any other alternative with a few changes. If you’re a cricket lover you should definitely try this website.


GOATDEE apart from providing high quality live streaming, has some of the awesome collection of football related videos. It enables downloading live stream for offline streaming. Overall it’s an exotic website to explore coolest features.

13. StopStream

Last but not the least, the website is highly efficient in providing HD quality live streaming of various sports and other such content free of cost. Its an easy to use website which is highly compatible in most of the web browsers.

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All of these websites are the best when it comes to live streaming. Just a few features differs from each other. You can pick any one out of these thirteen based on your preferences in sports.