As the last season of Black Lightning premieres in the United States today, it marks the beginning of the end for Jefferson Pierce and his family.

After an intense third season finale that featured the loss of a beloved key character, the popular Arrowverse drama is ending this year.

Pierce has threatened to quit his superhero persona for good, thus we can assume that this devastating loss will be a central theme throughout Season 4.

Black Lightning Season 4 Release Date

Fans of Black Lightning will be sad to see the show end, but a spin-off series based on Painkiller (Jordan Calloway) is in the works and will help to expand the Arrowverse.

Here is your complete guide to season four of Black Lightning.

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When will Netflix Upload the Next Season of Black Lightning?

The release date for the fourth season of Black Lightning on Netflix has not yet been announced, although the episodes are likely to become available sometime this spring.

Tonight, February 8th, the series returns to The CW in the United States.

In contrast to previous seasons, which were released weekly on Netflix in the UK, the third instalment was instead released as a binge watch launch after all episodes had broadcast in the United States.

Despite the lack of official information, it appears safe to assume that the final season will follow the same pattern and premiere on Netflix in the spring of 2021.

The fourth season of Black Lightning was delayed significantly by the coronavirus pandemic, but filming finally began at the end of 2018.

In Season 4 of Black Lightning, What will Happen?

In season four of Black Lightning, the title character has an existential crisis when he realises he is unable to keep his family and the city safe.

After declaring his alter persona “dead” in the first teaser, it looks Jefferson will seriously consider leaving the crime-fighting business.

As the protagonist puts it, “no matter how hard I try to protect my family, it will always end in disaster.” Those old ways of being are dead and gone for good.

His loved ones and friends won’t let him give up so easily, and it’ll be on them to convince Jefferson of Black Lightning’s importance to the citizens of Freeland.

The Cast of Black Lightning

Black Lightning, once played by Cress Williams, is back with Williams in the role of the heroic educator (also known by his civilian persona Jefferson Pierce). The actor has previously been on Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy, and Hart of Dixie.

China Both Jennifer and Anissa, Jefferson’s children, return to help their father battle crime, this time played by Anne McClain (Descendants) and Nafessa Williams (Twin Peaks).

James Remar, who plays Peter Gambi, Christine Adams, who plays neuroscientist Lynn Stewart, and Marvin “Krondon” Jones III, who plays villain Tobias Whale, will all return in subsequent seasons.

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Grace Choi, played by Chantal Thuy, Anissa’s series regular boyfriend, will return, as will Jordan Calloway’s Painkiller, who will be getting his own spin-off series after season four.

A mainstay of the first three seasons, Damon Gupton was tragically murdered off at the end of season three and will not return for season four.