The inability to download (or update) apps or games on the Switch due to the error number 2123-1502 indicates that the console is unable to maintain a constant connection to the Nintendo Servers.

In addition to problems on Nintendo’s end, there are a number of client-side factors that could be at the heart of the error’s production. Some examples of the most frequent ones are as follows:

Error Code 2123-1502


Method 1: Use The Download Menu To Retry The Download.

Error 2123-1502 during a failed download of an app or game may be due to a short hiccup in the handshake protocol between the Switch and its servers.

It’s possible that selecting Download Options again and retrying the download will fix the issue. Make sure there’s enough free space on your Switch before continuing.

Step 1: To restart the download, click the Cancel button first to stop it, and then the download button again (you may keep spamming the download button 15 or more times). Don’t interrupt the download once it has started.

Step 2: If the error message still appears, try cancelling the download by clicking Cancel, and then retrying the download when the button appears.

Step 3: Finally, immediately click Download Options (so the problem doesn’t appear) (or Download Settings).

Step 4: Please be patient while the backdrop download finishes. Don’t touch or press anything while this is happening. A Download Successful notice will appear in the top left corner of the screen after the download is complete.

Step 5: If that doesn’t work, try restarting the download while the switch is docked and seeing if it solves the problem.

Step 6: If the problem persists after trying the above, see if an E-shop download or update can fix it.

Method 2: Toggle The Nintendo Switch’s Flight Mode On And Off.

If a temporary communication fault is to blame for the problem while downloading, deactivating and re-enabling the flight mode of the Nintendo Switch may rectify the situation by re-establishing communication between the system’s various modules.

Step 1: To activate the Nintendo Switch’s aeroplane mode, go to the System Settings > Flight Mode > Airplane Mode menu.

Step 2: Select “Flight Mode” in the right pane, then wait a minute.

Step 3: Turn off Flight Mode, and see if the download has begun without the 2123-1502 problem message.

Method 3: In Order to Alter The Switch’s Default Language, Press And Hold The + Buttons.

The issue at hand may arise if a bug in Switch’s user interface (namely, language modules) prevents the user from completing the download. Here, switching the Switch’s language to something else and back to the desired language might work.

Step 1: On the Nintendo Switch, go to the System Settings menu.

Step 2: Click the Language menu and pick a new tongue (like German). If you leave the screen, it may be difficult or impossible to revert to the previous language.

Step 3: After the interface has been displayed in the new language, you can change it back to your native tongue (such as English) and see if the Switch is no longer showing the error 2123-1502.

Method 4: Nintendo Switch’s Sleep Mode must be off.

If you put your Nintendo Switch to sleep during a download and lose connection to Nintendo’s servers, the download may fail. If the Switch is displaying error 2123-1502, turning off the sleep mode may be the solution.

Step 1: Access the Sleep Mode settings by opening the System Settings menu on the Switch.

Step 2: Move on to Auto Sleep and pick Never.

Step 3: Then, after making the necessary edits, save your work and attempt the download again to see whether it is proceeding.