Fights, deaths, friendships, and many new faces have all been introduced in the Naruto series. These exchanges make sense and further the tale for some viewers, but for others, the meaning may be lost in translation or unclear.

Some viewers were caught off guard by Rin’s death. At first glance, it appears like Kakashi was responsible for her death; nevertheless, the conclusion reveals otherwise. Kakashi and Rin were teammates in the Third Shinobi World War.

The question then becomes why Kakashi would take the life of someone he saw as a friend.

How did Rin Died in Naruto


Assuming Kakashi Killed Rin, Why?

Despite first impressions, Kakashi did not kill Rin. However, there is more to the incident than meets the eye. Fans of the Naruto franchise claim that Rin actually begged Kakashi to kill her so that they could protect the hamlet of Konoha.

Rin didn’t want to let the three-tailed beast, which had been implanted inside of her, destroy her village, so she made the decision to fight it. Even though she wanted to end her life, she couldn’t, and Kakashi didn’t want to help her. Ultimately, Rin gave her life as a sacrifice.

Just how did Rin End Her Own Life?

During the Third Shinobi World War, Rin impaled herself on Kakashi’s Chidori (his focused lightning chakra) while hiding in the mist so that Kakashi wouldn’t see her until it was too late because Kakashi didn’t want to kill her.

She passed away in front of Kakashi, who later passed out and acquired PTSD. The fanbase claims that Kakashi had a hard time getting over her death, which continued to trouble him even as an adult.

Rin’s best friend, Obito, was trapped in a cave and watched the events unfold helplessly. Now that he was finally free, Obito was able to fight the enemy ninja that he, Rin, and Obito had been tasked with killing.

Obito had fallen in love with Rin, and his grief over her death was compounded by the fact that she didn’t know he felt that way about her.

After Rin’s death, Obito promised to create a new world where he and Rin could be together again, and Rin stayed by her best friend’s side, as the fan page claims.

Last Words

Despite Rin’s best efforts, three-tailed monsters are immortal and only transform into new forms, meaning she was not the first nor would she be the last to commit suicide. After the monster was vanquished, its chakra became aimless and free-flowing.

Though her physical body may have been lost, Rin’s soul will continue to exist in the hereafter. It’s safe to suppose that Obito arranged for her burial and brought her body back to the cemetery in her hometown.