The popularity of playing games online has skyrocketed in recent years. Minecraft is one example of this type of digital entertainment, and it centers on the player’s ability to create and explore many kinds of virtual terrain.

To improve your home, it provides a wide range of utilities and spells. In Minecraft, dye is an absolute necessity. In Minecraft, you may find a wide variety of useful dyes. Do you know the Minecraft recipe for black dye?

You will need one wither rose and one ink sac to make black dye in Minecraft. Create one by placing an ink sac in the top left corner of a 3×3 crafting grid at a workstation. A wither rose must now be placed in its designated spot.

How to Make Black Dye in Minecraft

You may find your dye in the upper right corner of your grid for making things. You should immediately start stocking up on dye. You’d be able to color your Minecraft gear and weapons with a deep black with this.

Different colors can be achieved with different dyes in Minecraft. In Minecraft, the black dye is a brand-new resource. The ink sac has been replaced with black dye, thereby turning the objects black.

I’ll show you how to produce a Minecraft black dye from scratch. In this post, you can also find information regarding the supplies you’ll need. With the knowledge you get from this guide, you’ll be able to use this dye in your gaming setup to its full potential. Follow this article to find out how to make black dye in Minecraft.


What Materials Are Needed To Make Black Dye?

One of the direct dyes in Minecraft is black. This black dye can be used to give your tools and weapons a more menacing appearance or to change their color. If you want to produce your own black dye, you’ll need to stock up on these ingredients.

  • Ink sac
  • Wither rose or squid

Having any of the aforementioned materials at your disposal will allow you to create black dye. Either ink sack or wither rose, or even both, can be used.

How To Make Black Dye In Minecraft Java

Both the Creative and Survival game modes benefit from the use of black dye, which is easily crafted in Minecraft. Black dye works with the following editions of Java: Java Edition 1.14, Java Edition 1.17, and later.

In-game, you can manufacture this dye by combining a few different things. There is a wither rose, an ink sack, and a workbench included among the raw materials.

To create a black dye in Minecraft, you must first gather the necessary ingredients. Okay, so let’s get going. Follow these steps to find out how to make black dye in Minecraft.

Step 1. Open the Crafting Table

When you bring out your crafting grid, you’ll notice that it’s 3 by 3. In Minecraft, you will use the workbench to create the dye.

Step 2. Add All the Required Items to Make Black Dye

Get everything in its proper spot. Minecraft provides you with two alternate designs for the same function. The ink sac should go in the first square of your grid for making things. The wither rose can alternatively be placed in the first square of a different design.

Thus, if you want to color your Minecraft world black in Minecraft Java Edition, you can use one of these two layouts. If you don’t put things where they go, you’ll wind up with an irrelevant result.

Step 3. Add the Black Dye to Your Inventory

Make sure to put some black dye in your storage once you’ve crafted it. To add the dye to your inventory, click and drag it from the right side of the crafting table. In-game black dye that you made yourself!

Step 4. Use ‘Give Command’

The appropriate command for this dye can be found in the Minecraft command menu. There is a command for black dye:

/give @p black_dye 1

How to Get Ink Sacs

Drops from hunting Squid can yield valuable Ink Sacs. Depending on how many Squids you kill, you can collect one, two, or even three Ink Sacs. If you find a wandering trader who is willing to accept Ink Sacs for Emeralds, you can get three of them for just one.

In addition, there is a minuscule probability (0.1%) of catching ten Ink Sacs all at once while fishing. There’s a strange 40% chance of discovering 1–3 Ink Sacs in Stronghold Chests as well.

How to Get Wither Roses

If you don’t have any Ink Sacs handy, you can also use a Wither Rose to generate Black Dye. Due to the rarity of the black flower, the cost per unit of Black Dye in this recipe is high.

The only way to obtain Wither Roses is through a diabolical artificial method because they are impossible to discover in nature. Roses of the Wither only appear after a monster has been killed by a Wither attack.

The only way to obtain Wither Roses is to call upon the Wither and watch it wreak havoc. You must travel to the Nether in search of the components required to call forth the Wither.


You can change the color of stuff in Minecraft with dyes if you’re tired of always utilizing the same palette. There are a total of 16 different dyes, each with its own unique set of requirements for obtaining it.

However, not everything can be personalized, which is something we’ll cover in this post along with tips on where to locate it and how to utilize it. Hope this guide helped you to solve your query “how to make black dye in Minecraft.”