Is your PS4 controller unresponsive, out of sync with your console, or just acting a bit strange? If so, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the various steps to reset your PS4 controller, resync it to your console, and troubleshoot unresponsive behavior.

How To Reset PS4 Controller


How to Reset Your PS4 Controller

Resetting a PS4 controller can resolve issues such as random button activations, stick drifts, and input lag. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Locate the Reset Button Turn the PS4 controller upside down and locate the small reset hole on the back, right next to the L2 button. It’s quite tiny and slightly recessed.

Step 2: Insert a Thin Tool You’ll need a thin, pointed object, like an unfolded paper clip or toothpick, to press the reset button. Insert it into the hole and press the button inside gently.

Step 3: Hold the Reset Button Press and hold the reset button for about 5 seconds. After that, release it. Your PS4 controller is now reset.

Step 4: Connect the Controller to the PS4 Using your PS4 USB cable, connect the controller to the console. This will ensure that the controller is in the correct state to re-pair with your system.

How to Resync Your PS4 Controller to Your Console

Resyncing your PS4 controller can often fix problems like disconnectivity or delay in response. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Power Up the PS4 Console Start your PS4 console. You can do this by pressing the power button on the console or from the power options in the PS4’s function screen.

Step 2: Connect the Controller to the PS4 Connect your PS4 controller to the console using the USB cable. Make sure it’s securely connected at both ends.

Step 3: Press the PS Button Press the PlayStation button (the large round button with the PS logo) in the center of your PS4 controller. This should prompt your controller to resync with the console.

How to Fix an Unresponsive PS4 Controller

If your PS4 controller isn’t responding at all, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take:

Step 1: Try Charging the Controller Your PS4 controller may simply have a low battery. Connect it to the PS4 using a USB cable and let it charge for a while.

Step 2: Reset the Controller If charging doesn’t help, try the reset process mentioned earlier in this article.

Step 3: Try a Different USB Cable Sometimes, the issue could be with the USB cable itself. If you have another USB cable handy, try using it to connect your controller to the console.

Step 4: Update the PS4’s System Software An outdated PS4 system software could also cause your controller to behave erratically. Go to the PS4’s system settings, then ‘System Software Update’ to see if there are any updates available.

Step 5: Contact Sony Support If all else fails, it might be time to get professional help. Contact Sony’s customer support for more troubleshooting options or possible repair or replacement of your PS4 controller.

In conclusion

Resetting and resyncing your PS4 controller can often fix common issues, and troubleshooting can solve more stubborn problems.

While it can be frustrating when your PS4 controller doesn’t work as expected, these steps will often help get you back in the game.