If you’re the proud owner of an LG TV or contemplating purchasing one, you might be wondering about its operating system (OS). Is it Android or iOS? And can you replace the native OS, known as WebOS, with Android?

This article will delve into these questions, providing clarity about LG TV’s operating system and exploring the feasibility of replacing WebOS with Android.

Is LG TV Android


Is LG TV Android or iOS?

Unlike smartphones and tablets, smart TVs don’t typically use the same operating systems. This means that LG TVs are neither Android nor iOS. Instead, LG uses its proprietary operating system called WebOS.

Introduced in 2014, WebOS has been the backbone of LG’s smart TV interface, enabling various features and facilitating the smooth running of apps. WebOS is lauded for its intuitive and user-friendly design, allowing users to navigate between apps and other TV features seamlessly.

What is WebOS?

WebOS, initially developed by Palm and later owned by HP, was first designed for smartphones and tablets. LG acquired the rights to WebOS from HP in 2013, adapting it into an operating system for its smart TVs.

The WebOS platform provides an easy-to-use interface that users can navigate by using the Magic Remote.

Its launcher menu allows users to switch between broadcast TV, streaming services, external devices, and a web browser without having to return to a home screen.

WebOS also supports most of the major streaming platforms, making it a versatile choice for a TV operating system.

Can You Replace WebOS with Android on LG TV?

While it’s technically possible to replace an operating system on some devices, this isn’t typically feasible for smart TVs, including those made by LG.

Replacing WebOS with Android on an LG TV would require significant technical expertise and is not supported by LG. Performing such an action would undoubtedly void the warranty and could result in the TV becoming unusable if not done correctly.

Additionally, Android is not optimized for use on LG TVs, so even if a successful replacement was possible, the user experience might not be ideal.

Instead of attempting to replace WebOS with Android, consider other alternatives to access Android features on your LG TV. For instance, you could use an Android TV box or a device like Google Chromecast.

These devices connect to your LG TV and provide access to Android apps and features without the need to replace the TV’s operating system.

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In conclusion

While LG TVs do not operate on Android or iOS — instead, utilizing the WebOS system — they still offer a host of features and functionalities that make for a rich user experience.

If you’re seeking more Android-based features on your LG TV, consider investing in an Android TV box or a similar device instead of trying to replace the TV’s original operating system.

Always remember to use your devices as intended by the manufacturer to avoid any potential damage and to ensure a smooth, user-friendly experience.