Lookmovie is an online movie and tv show platform that allows the user to watch movies or tv shows in high quality. This platform holds a good collection of movies. This platform is totally free no signup or registration is required.

Look movie offers a list of movies from different genres that have been released in different years. One of the best options this platform offers is the filter option. You can filter the movie based on genre, date of release, newest or oldest, and also the movies can be filtered according to the IMDb rating. The interface is attractive and easily accessible.

There is one annoying factor that totally spoils the movie experience. That is the pop-ups or ads. This is very common in Lookmovie. To avoid this before watching the movie one must install an Adblocker.

Certain locations don’t allow these kinds of online movie streaming platforms. If your location doesn’t allow you access using a VPN.

One can download movies in their preferred language. It also offers dubbed versions of the movie for the convenience of the viewers. There are subtitles available. Free online movie streaming platforms are often filled with Malware, adware, and other viruses. So just make sure you don’t click on any pop-ups.


13 Best Alternatives to Lookmovie

If You can’t access Lookmovie to watch your favorite movie. There are many alternatives. In this topic, you will find a few alternatives to lookmovie.

1. WatchFree

The first alternative for Lookmovie is Watchfree. It is a free website with a vast range of movie and tv shows. It offers HD quality movies without paying a single penny. The site is very user-friendly. The site doesn’t ask for your mail id or password. No registration required. The site offers various genres like Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama etc.

One can filter movies depending on release date, Minimum rating, Maximum rating, Genre, and actor names. To watch an HD movie you must register. You can watch your favorite movies or tv series just by typing them in the search option. The only drawback is not every latest movie is available.

2. YesMovies

The interface of this online platform makes it the most favorite online movie platform. It also has recently released movies and Tv shows in its library. One has to just search for the movie in the search tool and watch the movie. If you don’t know what to watch Click the Movie/Tv shows category to see the movie titles.

This streaming platform doesn’t only offer a vast range of movies and Tv shows but also has a separate category called the News tab. This news tab category has lots of movies and Tv shows on current events. The movie buffers a lot even in high internet bandwidth.

3. SolarMovie

Solarmovie is a website where you can watch Tv shows and movies without registration. The movie-watching experience is completely free. The website provides good quality movies and Tv shows. You can also download and watch your favorite movies. It has fewer ad popups. It is very easily accessible and user-friendly.

Solarmovie also allows the user to sign in to get the recent updates. This site is not available in all locations. So you must use a VPN to access it. One must use a strong VPN to access it.

4. PutLocker

As soon as you open the site you will find a search option. Their database is filled with the latest movies and Tv shows. To keep yourself updated with the current events it also offers news. PutLocker allows the user to search for the movie they are willing to watch, but if you have no idea what to watch you can select the genre option to select the preferred genre.

In order to make your movie hunt simple, the movie can be filtered on the basics of IMDb rating. The drawback is while watching the movie random clicks on the movie may lead to various inappropriate sites. You can stream video in different formats and even HD quality. The platform also has a Most viewed section and Most trending section.

5. CineBloom

This is another alternative for lookmovie. Cinebloom is a unique online streaming platform that does not show any pop-ups during the surfing and streaming session. This makes the movie experience simple and enjoyable. It offers HD movies or Tv shows by default so you don’t need to change the quality of the movie.

The homepage of the website has the thumbnails of all the Tv series and movies that were released recently. The streaming platform has the default HD quality which drains a lot of data. So the user who are concerned about the data should be careful before selecting this online streaming platform.

6. PubFilm

Pubfilm a user-friendly online streaming platform. You can filter the movie based on the genre or the released year. This provides the feature select movie based on IMDb

rating. It does not ask you to register or login. You can find movies or Tv shows from Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video. You can watch the best quality movie at free cost.

7. AZMovies

AZMovies has an excellent collection of movies. It offers movies in both 1080p and 780p. The homepage gives detailed information about the Latest movies, newly added, and Top 10 movies. As soon as you select the movie there is a small synopsis about the movie.

You can also download movies. You can filter movies based on favorite genres such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, History, Crime, Documentary, Mystery, Thriller, TV movie, etc. You can also select movies based on your favorite actor.

8. 123movies

123Movies have a vast collection of movies and Tv shows. Not only movies but also Cartoons, Anime, Asian movies, and Dramas. They frequently change their domain so you need to put a certain amount of effort into searching. Nothing is wasted when you find the URL to have a great time. You can watch quality movies free of cost.

9. XMovies8

XMovies8 is another alternative for LookMovie. On this website, you can filter movies based on genre, release date, or also based on the production countries. It offers an excellent collection of movies. As soon as you click the thumbnail of your favorite movie there is a small synopsis of the movie.

There are two options available: either you can watch the movie online or download the movie. The quality of the movie is HD 720p, Full HD 1080p, Ultra HD 4K quality. No registration is required. Another benefit is that it is a fast loading site that supports any device.

10. Popcornflix

Like other online streaming platforms, Popcorn flix also offers a vast range of tv shows and movies. This service is up and running for nearly ten years and has become better. It has an organized movie library. It not only offers tv shows, movies but also viral videos and also Popcornflix originals. When you run out of movies to watch or are not aware of what to watch you can enjoy the originals. This site is more appropriate for kids. One of the drawbacks is it provides no access to the subtitle that is displayed. It provides content like Web series, Documentaries, Foreign films etc.

One interesting feature this online streaming platform is you can easily create Gifs and also post timestamp comments.

12. MovieTime

MovieTime is a free online streaming site that offers movies, Tv shows, comics, cartoons and Short films. You can stream content without spending a penny. One of the best features is you can download the app and watch from it. Both the app and website are user friendly. Additionally, they also provide content from Netflix or Prime Video.

13. YTSMovies

YTS was launched in 2010. YTS movies only offer HD movies and Tv shows. The movie library nearly has ten thousand movies. Finding the movie is a simple process the user can search the title of the movie in the search box. The newly released movies and popular downloads are displayed on the homepage. User can download movies or torrent links. You can also download subtitles.


That’s all folks. Enjoy your movie experience. Since these websites are free they can be legally blocked in many countries. Make sure you use a VPN to use these online streaming platforms. You can get the best movie experience from your comfortable place.