In-game awards are awarded to players that spend real money to advance on jail servers. Modest advantages include improved equipment and access to rare minerals, among many more. You may find hundreds of prison-themed Minecraft servers that all offer the same rewarding and entertaining gameplay.

Many of them include cutting-edge enhancements that vastly improve the gaming experience. But if you’re confused about which one to pick, you’ve come to the right spot; we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the greatest Minecraft Prison Servers that you will enjoy immensely.

Minecraft Prison Servers


Top 10 Best Prison Minecraft Servers

First, I’ll list the top 10 prison servers in Minecraft, all of which you should visit.


What could be better than ArcherMC, the best jail server around? Mining, constructing, trading, and other activities help players in ArcherMC, a game mode. Starting out is easy and simple. The server plays host to enormous automated PvP activities four times a day.

When it comes to Minecraft prison servers, ArcherMC is without peer. The ArcherMC Server’s extraordinarily well-kept community is one of the main reasons why it is one of the most popular jail servers. This server has been around for a while and has a lot of well-known players who have helped it grow. You must at least try it out.

Fire Prison

One of the original prison servers that started it all is missing from this list. The jail server known as “MC Prison” is among the most well-known in the game. Almost any prisoner-related activity imaginable is possible on this adaptable server.

Inmates, guards, cells, and gangs might all be lurking around here. It’s one of the oldest prisons and, to start, it’s a lot of fun to visit.


For those looking for the pinnacle of Minecraft server complexity, go no further than AkumaMC. AkumaMC is the top Minecraft server due to its expansive and carefully created world, exciting gameplay, and active community.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll find a place to fit in at AkumaMC. You can explore, mine, and fight to your heart’s content throughout multiple game types such as prison, Skyblock, and skyblock.

In addition, AkumaMC provides you with the support you require to make the most of your gaming experience thanks to its pleasant and helpful staff. You’re missing out if you haven’t started your AkumaMC experience yet, along with the millions of other gamers who have.


a top-notch OP-Prison server with a reliable infrastructure and a talented staff. This server contains everything a cutting-edge gaming hub should, and then some. This map has enough variety to keep even the most experienced players interested.

An assortment of interesting enchantments, such as explosive pickaxes, lightning pickaxes, and a pickaxe that can create hostile mobs onto foes, are accessible on the server.

OP Blocks

It may sound odd as first, but OP Blocks is a prison in Minecraft that’s composed entirely of sweets. but take our word for it that it’s cool in its own way. As you level up, you’ll unlock a bright new candy mine.

Nothing ever happens that is out of the ordinary. This is the best server to join if you want to be part of something special and different. Many others have found it useful, and maybe you will too.


You should check out Pluteria, another fantastic prison server we have in store for you. It’s a great server with a lot of cool stuff you can play with for a long time. A Minecraft jail with a twist, Pluteria.

In this game set in space, players can progress through ten levels to gain access to new planets. The bulk of a player’s time will be spent on planets, where they’ll engage in activities like mining for resources to sell for currency. That’s incredible, right?


The MineSuperior network has cutting edge technology. Developed with the end users in mind. Constantly evolving to incorporate cutting-edge ideas. The intention was for there to be maximum openness. It has quickly become one of the most used prison game servers online.


This is the ideal prison server to start on if you’re a new player who wants to see what all the fuss is about. PikaNetwork is constantly updating with fresh material and merchandise, so there’s never a dull moment. This server also features minigames and events for your enjoyment.


With consistent updates and a dedicated fan base, this server is well worth your time. On this server, you can get married, change your race, create your own job, and even craft your own enchantments.

Minecraft Central

The information on Minecraft Central is constantly being updated, and the server takes great satisfaction in this fact. It also often debuts new seasons. Due to its user-tailored content and generous voting incentives, this server is well worth a try.