MRT is an acronym for Microsoft Removal Tool which is a popular software component of Windows produced by Microsoft. In order to run Microsoft Removal Tool we use mrt.exe as the executable. Although it’s not a core component of Windows PC, it could be removed very easily if it’s causing troubles in the PC.

This tool was first released in 2005 by the makers of Windows specially designed for the Windows operating system. The software is free to access and it comes out to be a among the very helpful tools available on Windows for scanning the computers for infections and viruses. In order to make use of this software component, you need to turn on the Automatic Updates on your Windows PC.


From here, the tool is automatically downloaded and is ready to use. It will run and execute its functions on every second Tuesday of the month. The software keeps on working in the background unless it comes across some infections or viruses in the system.

Although it is an effective and effortlessly working tool for Windows PC, yet it could not replace the working of an actual antivirus software. Talking about Microsoft, the company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen which got early recognition and appreciation during the first few day of its launch.

The company came out with the idea of MS-DOS which was an operating system for WindowsPC during that time. In today’s time, Microsoft is among the top producer of computer software, consumer electronics, PCs and other such services.

Coming to the .exe extension to the filenames, the extension may be a troublemaker for the system depending upon the system sustainability. Hence, before downloading or producing such files on the system, it is important to look into the details of such extension. In order to download the mrt.exe, make sure that the file is trojan free and is a trusted application.

MRT.exe File Information

The file is not an essential part of the Windows core component, hence it may cause troubles while loading the system. Talking about it’s location in your Windows PC it is in C:\Windows\System32 with a file size equals to 13,179,660 bytes for a 10/8/7/XP computer. It also comes with a digital signature.

The file is not even a part of Windows system file. It can be well said as a monitor component whose work is to manipulate other programs and record the keyboard and mouse inputs. Talking about it’s technical security rating, it stands as 19% dangerous. You may also read the users review on that.

  • If the folder is located in the subfolder of Windows folder for temporary files, the security ratings comes out to be 86% dangerous and vulnerable for the system. The file size of the component is 1,484,288 bytes. It may not be a Windows core file.
  • It also may not have any visible windows available. Under such conditions, mrt.exe is able to manipulate other programs of the system and monitor the available applications.
  • If mrt.exe is found to be located in the subfolder of user’s profile folder, the security rating is 81% dangerous. It has a file size of 1,482,240 bytes. It also is not a part of the core components of Windows. The information of the author is also missing and do not possess a visible window. It is able to manipulate the other programs and monitor the applications.

Important:Many of the times, some of the malware and Trojans itself are the camouflage version of mrt.exe.

For example, Trojan:Win32/Occamy.C or Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!rfn (detected by Microsoft), and UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic or Backdoor.Win32.Agent.mytfip (detected by Kaspersky).

These could be greatest threat to the computer and the whole system it is linked to. Therefore it is very important to check the file and process of mrt.exe on the PC before allowing it to use your system. Users may also choose “Security Task Manager” in order to verify the system’s security.

Best Practices For Resolving MRT issues

In order to avoid threats while making use of mrt.exe executable file, one must make sure that they have a neat and tidy PC. This ensures the security and efficient use of the software component.

Hence before using it, you need to scan for malware, clean the hardware, uninstall unnecessary applications, checking for auto start and enabling the automatic update option. This could be achieved by using software like, cleaner and malware scanners. You should frequently perform backups to your system to set and restore points.

If you’re experiencing any problem in your system, look for the last thing you installed or used on your PC. By using the resmon command you can easily identify the major problems and bugs on your system, rather than using the primitive method of reinstalling Windows.

Commands like helps in repairing the operating system without losing any data. These methods could be applied for effective use of mrt.exe onto your system.

Apart from that, users can also make use of “Security Task Manager” that records and displays all the running Windows Task which includes, keyboard and browser monitoring and recording the auto start entries.

The security risk rating indicates the likelihood of the processes and detects for spyware and Trojans. helps in detecting and removing such spyware, adware, Trojans,  malware and keyboard loggers from the hardware.


The software is a great aid when it comes to detection and removal of viruses and malware. In order to effectively use our systems these software tends to protect it from threats and vulnerabilities.