Televisions and Radio has always been our greatest source of entertainment. Not only for the millennials but also for people from 70s and 80s. Though radios are not in trend these days, but television still holds a place in the heart of the people.

It has evolved a lot since then. Better graphics, HD experience, channels available for all the age groups. MTV Activate is a simple process on almost all devices.

During the starting of the coming up of television, it only had a few handful of channels available. But now television comes up with more than a thousand channels in a variety of languages. One of the best invention in this field is the development of Smart TV.

These television sets allows some of the OTT platforms to broadcast their content on it. Users can also watch YouTube, play PS and do many more stuffs.


One such channel that has been active in broadcasting entertainment stuffs is MTV. It offers a great variety of music videos, serials and many more. If you’re looking forward to activate MTV on your smart TVS, then you have landed into right place. Under this article we shall be seeing how to activate MTV on your Roku, Apple and Amazon Fire Stick.

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How To Activate MTV On Roku

Roku has always been one of the most popular choicefor streaming various entertainment related stuffsonline. If you want to activate MTV on your Roku TV, you can easily do it without having to pay additional charges. Unlike television, Roku does not requires additional TV subscription for its activation. If you want to activate MTV, you can easily do it by following the steps given below:-

Step 1: First of all turn on your television and wait for sometime until your Roku device is connected through your television. Make sure you have a reliable and stable internet connection.

Once its connected, press on the Home button and locate the Search button with the help of the controller.On the search box, browse for MTV and use the search function.You’ll receive a list of suggestions, from that search for MTV.

Step 3: Now you’re required to open the MTV app and wait until you’re directed to the activation code. Once the channel gets successfully added into your team you’ll receive an activation code. You need to remember or note this code for future reference.

Step 4: Once you’re done with this open a web browser on your desktop or mobile and go to Inside the activation page, enter the code you received in the previous step.Click on validate and come back to the streaming device screen.

Step 5: Once this is done, you will be asked to pick your TV provider and insert the user credentials.After a few seconds you will see the screen of the streaming channel you wished to have activated.

Now you can watch unlimited shows of MTV on your Roku TV.The streaming quality and audio quality remained same as that of other channels. Moreover, you can remove or re activate it according to your wish.

How To Activate MTV On Apple TV

Apple gives one of the best streaming experience to its users. Although it charges a hefty amount, yet none of the other devices could ever beat the quality Apple offers. Its not just the streaming quality but the amount of features and benefits it gives is something out of the reach for most of the other service providers.

If you have an Apple TV, you’ll get maximum advantages for activating any channel of your choice. In order to get any channel installed into your Apple TV you’ll have to first download the authority for the application from the App Store and secure the activation code.

After this you’ll have to continue the process of activation from a work area program. If you’re looking for methods to activate MTV on your Apple TV, follow the given steps provided below:-

Step 1: Turn on your Apple TV and open the App Store.You also have the App Store open on your iPhone.From the App Store, download and install the MTV application. If it is already installed into your device, skip the step.

Step 2: After the downloading process is done, open the application and launch it.Once the application starts working you’ll receive an activation code. Do remember this code for future reference.

Step 3: Once this is done, you’re required to open the given link into your mobile browser or desktop. Once the link gets open feed it with the activation code and click on still validate it.After this you’ll have to choose the TV operator. If you haven’t taken the subscription you need to choose the trial version.

Once all this is done, you are now ready to stream your favourite shows from MTV on your Apple TV.Its not just the MTV content that will keep you entertained. But with so many features available on Apple TV you will never miss out or get bored of it.

How To Activate MTV On Android TV

MTV has now started providing its services to the Android TV as well. It has now become quite simple for the clients to get the application downloaded on their mobile and Android TV as well.  Just like any other smart television, in order to get the channel installed into your television you need to have an activation code feed into the system.

Once you’re done with it, you can enjoy unlimited streams without any disturbances. In order to complete the process of installation follow the steps provided below:-

Step 1: Firstly turn on your television and go to the Google Play Store with the help of the controller.Once the Play Store opens, facilitate the search option and search for MTV on it.

Step 2: Once you’re able to search it, download and install the application locally.After the application is installed on your Android TV open it and you’ll receive an activation code on the screen. Remember or note down the code for future reference.

Step 3: From here, you are required to open the following link on to your mobile browser or PC. the site is opened it it will ask for the activation code. You’re required to embedded the code from your Android TV here.

Step 4: Once you hit OK, you need to select your TV supplier and supplement the qualification required to approve your MTV participation.

Step 5: When all these processes are done, come back to your Android TV.Within a few seconds you’ll find that your Android TV gets integrated and the system is now ready for you to stream MTV content on your Android TV.

Majorly, most of the smart TV corresponds to the same step of activating any channel they wish to add into their smart TVs.

How To Activate MTV On Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon TV provides the premium services to the users. Not just the quality of content it has to offer, but it also comprises of top rated shows and movies that you’ll never find on other TV or OTT platform. But in order to unlock its services you need to take up a subscription. The major disadvantage of using Amazon Fire TV is that, it do not provides trial version of subscription.

As a result users have to buy the subscription first. But buying the subscription is a worth it deal. You will never get bored out of it. Talking about activating MTV onto your Amazon Fire TV, you can do it by following the simple steps provided below. It also comprises of similar steps that you’re required in other such Smart TVs.

Step 1: Turn on your Amazon Fire TV and use your controller to navigate through the application tab using the ribbon menu at the highest.Once you get inside the application tab, with the search option seek out the MTV application.

Step 2: Once you found the application you’re required to download and install the application. It will take a while.Once the application is downloaded, you’re required to get it launched and fetch for the activation code page. Once you found it, you’re required to note down the code somewhere for future reference.

Step 3: Now that you have the code, you’re required to open the link on your mobile browser or desktop.

Step 4: Once it is opened, follow the on screen prompts and find the activation page. Here you’re required to feed in the activation code that was earlier available on your Amazon TV. Click on OK to execute the action.

Step 5: A new screen appears. Here you need to give information regarding your TV provider and enter the required user credentials related to it.

Once all these steps are done, users can now watch their favourite shows of MTV on their Amazon TV.

How To Activate MTV On Android & iOS Devices

With new updates coming up every year, it is now possible for users to activate the MTV application on their Android and iOS devices within a few minutes. This has helped people to watch their favorite stuffs from television anywhere directly onto their Android and iOS devices. without having to pay extra charges for installation or subscription.

Talking about the activation process, you don’t have to get the application installed in the normal way. This means that users can take the benefits they get from their smart television onto their mobile devices. This is applicable for those also who do not have an access to TV subscription.

Before taking any advantages you need to get the application downloaded onto your mobile or iOS devices either iPhone or iPad. It is important to note that there are certain restrictions regarding the downloading process in various geolocations.

This means that you won’t be able to download the application if you’re staying in these locations. You would also not get the TV subscription due to the unavailability of the same into these areas. Under such situation you can try redeeming the benefits by using VPNs.

However, once you’re able to download the device on your local device, all you’re required to do is to check in through the application with the user credentials and give information related to your TV provider on it.

Once you have supplied all the necessary information, you’re ready to stream all the shows from MTV directly onto your device. There is no need for activation code process when you’re downloading and activating the MTV onto your mobile devices.

Are You Able To Eatch MTV Without a TV Provider Subscription?

The answer to this question in No. Currently, there are no channels available that is providing its users with their stuffs without having to ask for TV provider information. However, there are certain trail versions available that lets users to watch the content for free.

But it will only give a glimpse of a few features and shows compared to whole library of MTV. If you want to redeem all the benefits of MTV, you need to have at least a TV subscription available. If you want shop for one, Amazon Prime and Hulu will provide you some of the great deals.

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These were some of the popular platforms on which you can easily activate MTV shows. If you’re not interested in accessing the channel through your TV cable, you can follow the provided steps to do it onto your smart TV. By just following a few steps you can improve your streaming experience as well.