Online transactions and net banking has become a new normal. People often prefers online net banking for their payments of bills. Gone are the days when people used to do transaction hand to hand in cash. Today almost all the places be it a restaurant, cafes and shopping malls prefers payment via credit or debit cards.

During the initial days of coming up of this system, people were scared of using cards. They had a fear that they could end up losing their money. But after the legalisation of this system, almost 98% of the population are using their debit and credit cards for transactions.

There are many banks and companies be it government or private that provides cards to the people who have their accounts made in that bank. Apart from cards they also provides major benefits to the users in the form of cashbacks and other such services. As a result most of the people gets attracted by the schemes and decides to create an account.


One such company that is serving its users for a while now is Kohls Com. It is highly authenticated and provides legal services to its users. If you want to extract benefits put of this card, you must make sure that your card is activated.

The activation procedure is quite simple and will not take much of your time. The activation process is a mandatory process as it will protect you from identity theft. Without activation process there could be a possibility that anyone that see through your bank details and carry out transactions without your prior notice.

There are three ways to get your cards activated. You can activate it either online or on phone Or in person guide.

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What is a Kohl’s Account?

Understanding the Basics

A Kohl’s account is essentially a customer account that you create on the Kohl’s website or through the Kohl’s app. This account allows you to:

  1. Track Orders: Keep an eye on your order history and status.
  2. Manage Payments: Store multiple payment methods for seamless shopping.
  3. Access Exclusive Offers: Receive personalized deals and promotions.
  4. Save Favorites: Bookmark items for easy access later.

Having a Kohl’s account adds a layer of convenience to your shopping experience, simplifying various activities like returns, customer service interactions, and more.

Activate Your Kohls Credit Card Online

This method involves activating the Kohl card by visiting the official website on the web. The steps involved are listed below:

Step 1: Open the website on your web browser and enter as new charge card user. After that on the upper right corner of the page you’ll see “My Kohls Charge” written. Click on it and open it in a new page and do the necessary registration. For registration, click on the Register Now icon and type the 12 digit number which is on your Kohl card and then submit it.

Step 2: Once you’re done with the creation of new username and password you’ll have to pass the security question. While creating a password, it is necessary for the users to make it case sensitive with both uppercase and lower case along with numbers included in it.

You are also required to give your email address. If in case you forgot your password, the security question will help you to redeem your account.

Step 3: Once it is done, you need to click on Submit. After that open your email where you’ll receive a verification link. You are required to click on it. With this you can finally access your Kohl account with the username and case sensitive password. After this you can activate your Kohl card.

Step 4: You’re now required to open the Account Summary On the top side of the page click on the Activate Now option which is green in colour. By clicking on OK you will have your card activated.

Activate Your Kohls Credit Card by Phone

Apart from directing yourself to the official page of the card, users can also activate their cards by the help of their phones. All they need to do is to make a call on the number (800)-954-0244. Once you’re connected on the call, you need to follow the audio instructions and do the necessary operations.

While making the call you need to have your information like social security number, charge card number etc, available beforehand. The telephone operator may ask for it. Once you are done with the activation conversation with the operator you card will eventually get activated within a few minutes or maximum in an hour.

Activate Your Kohls Charge Card in Person

There is also a possibility that your Kohl card can get activated without having to visit the card’s official page or calling the IT team. All you need to do is to visit a Kohl Store nearby and purchase something. Eventually your card will get activated automatically. You can instantly use your Kohl card and make purchases right away.

Can I Use My Kohl’s Charge Online?

Online Shopping with Kohl’s Charge

Absolutely! You can use your Kohl’s Charge Card for online purchases. Here’s how:

  1. Login to Your Account: Access your Kohl’s account and navigate to the payment section.
  2. Add Kohl’s Charge as Payment Method: Input your Kohl’s Charge Card details.
  3. Confirm Purchase: Once added, you can select Kohl’s Charge as your preferred payment method during checkout.

It’s a straightforward process and allows you to avail yourself of any Charge Card-specific promotions or discounts.

What is Kohl’s Known For?

A Legacy of Retail Excellence

Kohl’s is renowned for its wide range of products, from clothing and home goods to electronics and more. However, it’s not just the product variety that makes Kohl’s stand out. They are known for:

  1. Affordable Pricing: Kohl’s offers high-quality goods at reasonable prices.
  2. Customer-Friendly Policies: From easy returns to numerous discounts, the focus is on customer satisfaction.
  3. Kohl’s Cash: Their unique rewards program allows you to earn cash on purchases which you can redeem later.

What Bank Does Kohl’s Use?

Behind the Kohl’s Charge Card

The Kohl’s Charge Card is issued in partnership with Capital One, N.A. Therefore, all card services, including billing and payment, are handled through this banking institution.

Is a Kohl’s Account Free?

No Hidden Costs

Yes, creating and maintaining a Kohl’s account is absolutely free. There are no annual charges or hidden fees associated with having an account. The Kohl’s Charge Card, however, may have its own set of fees and interest rates, so it’s important to read the terms and conditions carefully.

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These are the most widely used methods that enables users to get their Kohl cards activated and start their online payments and transactions. Due to the coming up of digitalization and technology, the future will see almost all its places preferring online card payments instead of hand to hand transactions. This method is not only easy, but safe and reliable.