Pinterest is a popular platform known for its visually appealing content, including images and videos.

If you’re looking to download Pinterest videos for offline viewing, this comprehensive guide will provide you with detailed information on various methods and tools available.

We’ll cover downloading videos using the Pinterest app, online tools like BotDownloader, Mod Apk options, browser extensions, compatibility across different devices such as iOS and iPhone, and whether Pinterest video downloads are free.

Pinterest Video Download


Downloading Pinterest Videos

There are several ways to download Pinterest videos, depending on your device and preferences. Let’s explore the different methods:

  1. Using the Pinterest App: The Pinterest app itself does not provide a built-in option to download videos. However, you can save pins to your boards for easy access and viewing within the app.
  2. Online Tools like BotDownloader: Online tools like BotDownloader allow you to download Pinterest videos by pasting the video URL into the tool’s interface. These tools usually provide different video quality options for download.
  3. Mod Apk: Mod Apk versions of the Pinterest app might offer additional features, including video downloading capabilities. However, it’s important to exercise caution when downloading and using Mod Apk files, as they may compromise the security and integrity of your device.
  4. Browser Extensions: Certain browser extensions, like the Pinterest Video Downloader, can be installed on web browsers such as Chrome. These extensions provide a convenient way to download videos directly from Pinterest web pages.

Pinterest Video Download on iOS and iPhone

Downloading Pinterest videos on iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, can be a bit more challenging due to the platform’s restrictions. However, there are still options available:

  1. Using Online Tools: Online tools like BotDownloader are accessible through web browsers on iOS devices. Visit the BotDownloader website and follow the instructions to download Pinterest videos.
  2. Browser Extensions: Some browser extensions are available for iOS browsers like Safari or Firefox, allowing you to download videos directly from Pinterest web pages.

Pinterest Video Download: Free or Paid?

Downloading Pinterest videos is generally free, as long as you use free tools and methods. However, it’s important to note that some tools or services might offer premium versions with additional features or benefits for a fee.

Always ensure that you are using a legitimate and reputable tool, and be cautious of any websites or services that require payment for downloading Pinterest videos.

In conclusion

Downloading Pinterest videos can be achieved using various methods and tools. From utilizing online tools like BotDownloader to browser extensions and Mod Apk versions of the Pinterest app, there are options available for different preferences and devices.

While the Pinterest app itself doesn’t offer direct video downloads, you can save pins within the app for easy access.

When downloading Pinterest videos, be aware of the potential risks associated with Mod Apk files and always prioritize the security of your device.