The PlayStation 5, also known as PS5, is Sony’s latest gaming console that has taken the gaming world by storm. Beyond its impressive gaming capabilities, the PS5 has also been subject to questions regarding its built-in web browser functionality.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the PS5 web browser, how to update it, and address frequently asked questions such as launching Chrome and closing the browser on PS5.

PS5 Web Browser


What is the PS5 Web Browser?

As of 2023, it’s important to clarify that the PS5 doesn’t officially feature a dedicated web browser app like its predecessor, the PS4.

Sony has not integrated a full-functioning web browser into its latest console, unlike previous iterations.

However, users have discovered a workaround to access a hidden web browser through certain user guides or when linking other platforms like Twitter to the console.

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PS5 Web Browser Settings

Since PS5 doesn’t have a formal web browser, there isn’t a specific setting for the web browser as seen in traditional senses.

However, you can tweak general settings such as network configurations and privacy settings to enhance your overall internet experience on the console.

PS5 Web Browser Petition

The absence of a dedicated web browser in PS5 has led some users to initiate petitions requesting Sony to integrate a full-functioning web browser into the console.

These petitions highlight the convenience of browsing the web directly from the console, whether to look up game guides or watch online content.

How to Update PS5 Web Browser

Given that PS5 does not have a specific web browser, traditional browser updates are not applicable.

However, keeping your PS5 system software up to date ensures optimal performance and could potentially carry improvements to the console’s web access capabilities. To update your PS5 system software, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen.
  2. Select ‘System’ and then ‘System Software’.
  3. Choose ‘System Software Update and Settings’.
  4. Finally, select ‘Update System Software’.

Your PS5 will then check for updates and install them automatically.

How to Open Chrome on PS5

As of 2023, the PS5 doesn’t support third-party web browsers like Google Chrome. The hidden browser users can access is a stripped-down, basic web browser that doesn’t have the full features of a standard web browser.

How to Close Browser on PS5

Closing the web browser on PS5 is relatively straightforward. Simply press the PlayStation button on the controller to open the control center, then scroll to the card representing your web session, press the ‘Options’ button, and select ‘Close’.

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In conclusion

While the PS5 doesn’t have an official web browser like its predecessor, users can still access limited internet browsing functions through certain workarounds.

It’s unclear whether Sony will add a full-featured web browser to the PS5 in the future, but until then, the console’s main focus remains to provide an unparalleled gaming experience.

Always remember to keep your PS5 system software up to date to enjoy the console’s full capabilities. Happy gaming!