The Roku streaming device enhances our TV viewing experience, offering a vast range of channels, games, and other entertainment options. However, Roku doesn’t just limit itself to streaming; it also offers an array of visually appealing screensavers.

This article will guide you through free screensavers for Roku, screensavers with movie references, the ability to download more screensavers, and the hidden Easter eggs within Roku’s screensavers.

Screensavers For Roku


Free Screensavers for Roku

Roku provides several free screensavers to personalize your idle TV screen. Some popular options include:

  1. Roku Digital Clock: Displays a digital clock with customizable colors and formats.
  2. Roku Wall Clock: An analog clock screensaver, offering different designs to suit your style.
  3. City Stroll: Movie Magic: This screensaver depicts a city street with various movie-themed stores, providing a fun twist for movie buffs.
  4. Aquarium: Transform your TV into a tranquil aquarium filled with colorful, animated fish.

You can access and set these screensavers by going to ‘Settings’ on your Roku home screen, then navigating to ‘Theme’ and ‘Screensaver’.

Screensavers with Movie References

The “City Stroll: Movie Magic” screensaver is an exciting journey through a cityscape filled with stores referencing popular movies.

You’ll spot movie references such as “Skywalker Skates,” “Vader’s Vegan Delights,” “Lando’s Laundry,” (Star Wars), “Jurassic Bark” (Jurassic Park), “Gotham Grocers,” and “Bruce’s Boxing Gym” (Batman).

Downloading More Screensavers for Roku

You can indeed download more screensavers for your Roku device:

  1. Go to the Roku Channel Store: From your Roku home screen, navigate to ‘Streaming Channels’ to open the Roku Channel Store.
  2. Navigate to Screensavers: In the Roku Channel Store, find the ‘Screensavers’ category.
  3. Browse and Add Screensavers: Browse the available screensavers. When you find one you like, select ‘Add Channel’ to download it to your Roku device.

Please note that while many screensavers are free, some require a one-time purchase or a subscription.

Easter Eggs in Roku Screensavers

Easter eggs are hidden features or messages tucked away in software for users to find. In Roku’s “City Stroll: Movie Magic” screensaver, several Easter eggs reference popular films, as mentioned above.

The “Aquarium” screensaver also includes a rare Easter egg: occasionally, a shark will swim across your screen.

Another fun Easter egg is found in the Roku “Holiday” screensaver, which displays different animations depending on the time of year. For example, during the holiday season, you might see snowflakes falling or a reindeer running across the screen.

In conclusion

Screensavers on Roku offer more than just a static image on your screen. They bring character, creativity, and even a dash of intrigue with hidden Easter eggs.

Whether you’re a movie buff or simply enjoy a vibrant, lively display when your TV is idle, there’s a Roku screensaver for you. As the world of Roku expands, there will undoubtedly be even more exciting screensavers to look forward to.