The Assanti Brothers, aka Justin and Steven Assanti, recently appeared on My 600-Lb Life alongside Dr. Nowzaradan, and it’s time to update their devoted following. They appeared in episode 13 of season 5 as siblings.


Steven From My 600 Pound Life

Fans are now wondering how they are doing as they have gone on with their lives. A well-known bariatric surgeon, Dr. Now works in Texas. TLC follows the famed doctor’s morbidly obese patients who weigh more than 600 pounds as they strive to shed weight with his guidance.

Steven From My 600 Pound Life

Dr. Now’s weight loss plans are challenging and require a lot of self-discipline from his patients. By following the diets, they guarantee that they will be healthy enough to have the procedure.

The Assanti Brothers’ path to compliance with the programme and successful surgery was chronicled in a dramatic episode. Prior to that, Steven had been expelled from the hospital for substance misuse and abusive behaviour toward hospital workers.

After leaving the hospital, Justin continued his regimen and was eventually cleared for surgery. Both Steven and Justin’s food addictions can be traced back to a difficult background that made them seek comfort in unhealthy eating.

Fans of the show My 600-Pound Life know Steven well, as he is often regarded as a villain. Throughout the performance, Justin remained much more subdued.

In the series, viewers saw that the brothers did not get along, and that doesn’t appear to have changed. Cheatsheet claims the brothers are at odds with each other.

When he was younger, Steven weighed more than 800 pounds, making him the heavier of the two. At his heaviest, Justin weighed in at slightly over 600 pounds. An “In Their Current Location” episode, Steven said he was down to about 500 pounds from his previous weight of 700.

Dr. Now Suspects, However, that his True Weight was Higher.

After having the bariatric operation, Justin claims he shed 200 pounds. Neither of the brothers seemed to have slimmed down much in the interim.

As a result of the success of My 600-Pound Life, Steven married Stephanie Sanger. He said his marriage suffered as a result of the attention he received from the show.

Additionally, he said that the show’s editing highlighted solely his negative qualities. His wife corroborated this by saying he was much nicer in real life than he appeared to be on TV.

Even while Justin thought their episode was a little dramatic, he acknowledged that it did a good job of capturing how challenging Steven can be. Even with social anxiety, he is able to function well enough to keep running his business, Hobby Haven.

Last Words

The fact that the brothers are thriving despite their mutual dislike of one another is sure to please the show’s many viewers.

They report feeling more optimistic after reading My 600-Pound Life. After undergoing successful operations, they are both making progress. Now that they have accepted this reality, it is up to them to seize the day, and it appears that they are doing exactly that.