Telegram, a cloud-based messaging app known for its security and speed, has become increasingly popular worldwide.

This comprehensive guide will cover everything from how to sign up for Telegram with or without an email or phone number, to how to activate Telegram on various devices like a PC, Android, or iPhone, or even without a SIM card.

Telegram Sign Up


How to Sign Up for Telegram

Regardless of the device, the initial steps to sign up for Telegram remain consistent. Here’s the general process:

  1. Download the Telegram app from your device’s app store (Google Play Store for Android, App Store for iPhone, or the Telegram website for PC).
  2. Open the app and click ‘Start Messaging.’
  3. Enter your phone number and hit ‘Next.’ You’ll receive a verification code via SMS.
  4. Enter the verification code, set up your profile by adding your name (and an optional photo), and you’re in!

Signing Up with Email or Gmail

It’s important to note that Telegram requires a phone number for initial account setup. However, you can add an email to your Telegram account once it’s created. To add an email:

  1. Go to ‘Settings.’
  2. Tap on ‘Privacy and Security.’
  3. Scroll down to ‘Two-Step Verification’ and set it up. Here, you’ll have the option to add a recovery email.

Signing Up Without an App

To use Telegram without installing the app, you can utilize Telegram Web or Telegram Desktop:

  1. Go to Telegram’s official website.
  2. Choose either ‘Telegram Web’ or ‘Telegram Desktop’ based on your preference.
  3. Enter your phone number to receive the verification code.
  4. Follow the same steps as the app-based sign-up.

Signing Up Without a Phone Number

Signing up for Telegram without a phone number is a bit tricky since Telegram requires phone number verification.

However, you can use a virtual phone number service like Google Voice or a SIM-free phone service to bypass this.

How to Sign Up on PC, Android, or iPhone

The sign-up process remains consistent across all devices. Download the Telegram app suited to your device (PC, Android, or iPhone), and follow the general sign-up process as outlined above.

How to Activate Telegram Without a SIM Card

You can still activate Telegram without a SIM card by using services that provide a virtual phone number, such as Google Voice.

Set up a Google Voice account, obtain your virtual phone number, and use this when signing up for Telegram.

In conclusion

While the process of signing up for and activating Telegram involves a few particular steps, it’s straightforward and consistent across different devices.

By understanding these steps, you’ll be able to use Telegram in a way that best suits your needs and preferences, ensuring smooth and secure communication.