The streaming world is growing exponentially, and Vudu has carved out its niche by offering a unique mix of free, rent, and buy options for a wide array of movies and TV shows.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into how to activate Vudu, its cost, how to download free movies, a comparison with Netflix, usage limits, availability, and the question of ad-free viewing.

Vudu.Com Start


How to Activate Vudu

  1. Download the Vudu app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store or visit the Vudu website.
  2. Open the app or site and click on “Sign In.”
  3. After signing in, you will see an activation code on the screen.
  4. Visit on another device.
  5. Enter the activation code displayed on your app screen and click “Submit.”
  6. Your device is now activated and ready to stream Vudu content.

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Is Vudu Free Online?

Yes, Vudu offers a “Movies on Us” section where you can watch selected movies and TV shows for free, albeit with advertisements. These are not rental or purchase-only titles – they are completely free to stream.

How to Download Free Movies on Vudu

Vudu allows you to download free movies from their “Movies on Us” category. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Vudu app or site and sign in.
  2. Go to the “Movies on Us” section.
  3. Choose a movie you want to watch and click on it.
  4. Click “Watch for Free,” then “Download.”
  5. The movie will be downloaded and saved in your library for offline viewing.

Vudu vs Netflix: Which is Better?

While both Vudu and Netflix are popular streaming services, the choice between the two largely depends on individual preferences.

Content: Netflix is known for its wide array of original series and films, while Vudu offers a vast collection of movies and TV shows, many of which can be streamed for free.

Pricing: Netflix requires a monthly subscription, with prices ranging based on the plan selected. Vudu, on the other hand, offers a mix of free content (with ads), rentals, and purchases, providing more flexibility.

Availability: Netflix is available in more than 190 countries, while Vudu is currently limited to the U.S.

Does Vudu Have a Limit?

Vudu does not have a daily streaming limit, but they do have a storage limit for purchased and rented content. Currently, Vudu allows you to store up to 8,000 SD movies (or approximately 5,000 HD movies).

Where is Vudu Available?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Vudu is only available within the United States. International availability may change in the future, so it’s best to check Vudu’s official website for the most up-to-date information.

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Is Vudu Free With No Ads?

Vudu’s “Movies on Us” category is free but comes with ads. However, the content you rent or purchase does not contain ads. So, while Vudu does offer free content, ad-free viewing is generally reserved for rented or purchased media.

Vudu is an excellent option for movie and TV show enthusiasts who desire a mix of free, rent, and purchase options. Whether you’re a fan of old classics or the latest releases, Vudu offers a vast library to meet your entertainment needs.

With this guide, you should now be better equipped to navigate your way around Vudu and enjoy the content it offers.