A 3D model is a three-dimensional model of an object, which consists of geometric shapes and different elements that are connected to each other. Before such objects get into an animation or video game, they go through different stages, from creation to texturing.

All these models are created from basic geometric shapes: triangles, squares, and polygons (polygons with more than 4 sides), but thanks to 3D modeling software, we can use Tools to create elements with more detail, better definition, and other features.

Thanks to modern technology, 3d character modeling has become easier than ever before. But still, modeling 3D objects requires serious knowledge and skills, as well as a creative approach.

What are the Styles in 3D Modeling


3D Modeling Styles

Few people know, but there are several basic styles for models. Let’s consider them in more detail.

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  • Low Poly (with textures). Here the details of such objects are drawn directly in the texture. Before you start working with a model, you need to figure out for which audience or platforms you will be doing it. If the product is going to be launched on mobile devices then you should work with a very low level of detail and therefore very few polygons.
  • Low poly (no textures). In this case we are working on the details of our elements by modeling shapes and colors. In addition, there is continuous work with shapes and solid colors instead of textures, so our models will look a bit pastel and cartoony.
  • Stylized cartoon. This type is also a bit like a cartoon, but the main difference is that it is more realistic. In this case, the amount of detail and, consequently, the number of polygons increases.
  • Realism. When working with this style, we need to ensure that it’s high and also be very careful with the textures, lighting, and shape of our objects.
  • Hyperrealism. If we talk about this style, then, like in the realistic style, the quality of the graphics is very high. This style is often used to convey all the details, even the most minimal ones.

Modeling for Video Games vs. Animations

In video Games modeling, we are limited to working at 60 frames per second, so we need to have very low polygons and render times. To increase the detail, we can use other aspects such as Texture.

On the other hand, when we are working on 3D modeling of special animations, we have NO limits on the number of polygons. We can spend hours or even weeks rendering each scene of each element.

What are the Styles in 3D Modeling

Types of 3D Modeling

Depending on the needs of the industry and the Software used, there are different types of 3D modeling. Let’s look at some of the most commonly used:

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  • Box modeling. This is a fairly common form of modeling that works on the main parts (faces, edges, and vertices) of an object made from a primitive. This type of modeling is best for architectural design or hard surface modeling.
  • Polygonal modeling. In this case, development begins with a single vertex or a flat geometric figure, and the model is built in parts. The result is much more detailed, but this type of 3D modeling requires more edge and vertex work. As in the previous type, hard surfaces are created, but in this case, the models are much more organic.
  • Curve modeling. In this type of 3D modeling, a 3D surface called NURBS is created. By manipulating control points, you can create smooth curved surfaces and complex shapes. This is a very versatile type of modeling that is used in product design in various industries.
  • Organic modeling. It’s like creating a digital sculpture. The work begins with a basic element, and to give shape to it, a series of brushes are used to model the object in free form and add certain details to it. This type of modeling is ideal for creating characters.

As you already understood, 3D modeling is a complex process. You have to understand many aspects, take into account various little things, be creative and creative, and also be able to draw beautifully. In addition, in order to create shapes and objects in 3D, you need to know programs well.