In Hulu’s Candy, based on the true story of Betty Gore’s murder, little is revealed regarding what became of Betty Gore’s husband, Allan, following Candy Montgomery’s trial.

The five-part Hulu event, Candy, focuses on Montgomery’s life before, during, and after the murder, and is entirely recounted from her perspective, drawing heavily on her own testimony. What became of Allan Gore, Betty’s husband following her death, is detailed here.

What Happened to Candy Montgomery's Husband


What Happened to Candy Montgomery’s Husband

Hulu’s Candy, starring The Sinner’s Jessica Biel as Candy Montgomery, spends a lot of its opening episodes switching perspectives between the immediate aftermath of the murder and the events leading up to it.

The show depicts Candy befriending Betty, but viewers are forced to wonder if their friendship is genuine given that Candy is likeable and outgoing while Betty is shy and serious.

Candy was having an affair with Betty’s husband, Allan, and their friendship may have been an attempt to help her deal with the guilt she felt over the affair.

Despite the fact that Allan was the one to call it quits on the affair after several months, Candy insisted that the decision to terminate things was mutual. Candy wasn’t happy with the sex life, and Allan wanted to put more money into his marriage to Betty (Yellowjacket’s Melanie Lynskey).

Candy Murdered Betty Gore

Approximately one year later, on Friday the 13th of June 1980, Candy murdered Betty Gore while she and Allan were at their home to get Betty’s daughter’s swimsuit for a sleepover.

Almost overnight, Candy, her husband Pat, and Allan Gore became national celebrities after the news spread that she had killed a church member in her small town with an axe. Candy went to trial four years later and was found not guilty. Allan Gore quickly remarried and relocated from Wylie, Texas.

During the trial, Allan staunchly defended Candy, saying that the end of their affair had been amicable, which helped to undermine the notion that Candy’s killing of Betty Gore was an act of passion and bolster her claim of self-defense.

Allan (Pablo Schreiber, Halo’s Master Chief) married Elaine Clift less than three months after the trial, and the couple settled in Sachse, Texas.

Around the same period, Allan and Betty were unable to maintain custody of their children, Alisa and Bethany. In 1988, four years after the trial, the girls were adopted and reared by Betty’s parents, Bertha and Bob Pomeroy.

Alisa (Lisa) and Bethany claim that in the four years before they were adopted, their biological parents, Allan and Elaine, routinely punished them by depriving them of food and forcing them to take cold baths (via transcription of an article from Dallas Morning News).

Lisa states that when she was ten years old, her stepmother forced her read Evidence of Love (which describes Allan Gore’s affair and Betty’s death). Bob Pomeroy also related an incident in which Bethany came back from spending time with Allan and Elaine missing chunks of hair.

Since his divorce from Elaine (Jamie Anne Allman of the Bosch TV series) Allan has relocated to Sarasota, Florida. His Facebook page states that he has retired after entering a domestic partnership in 2016.

Last Words

In 2000, Alisa and Bethany said they had grown distant from their father, but it is unclear whether or not they still speak. In addition to Hulu’s Candy, Elizabeth Olsen will feature in Love and Death, an upcoming HBO series based on Candy Montgomery’s life.