The critically acclaimed ‘Dickinson’ TV series has been making waves since its debut, captivating audiences with its imaginative interpretation of American poet Emily Dickinson’s life.

If you’re wondering where you can watch ‘Dickinson,’ how to stream it for free, or if it’s available on platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix, this guide has got you covered.

Where To Watch DickinSon (TV Series)


Where to Watch ‘Dickinson’ TV Series

‘Dickinson’ is available on Apple TV+, a subscription-based streaming service that offers a variety of original content. As Apple TV+’s original series, ‘Dickinson’ can be accessed by:

  1. Signing up for an Apple TV+ subscription, which you can do on the Apple TV app or the Apple TV+ website.
  2. After signing up, search for ‘Dickinson’ on the Apple TV+ interface, and you’ll be able to stream all the available episodes.

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How to Watch ‘Dickinson’ for Free

Although ‘Dickinson’ is a part of Apple TV+’s paid content, there’s a way you can watch it for free:

Free Trial: Apple TV+ typically offers a 7-day free trial. To use this option, you need to sign up for Apple TV+ using your Apple ID, and you’ll be given a one-week period to enjoy its content at no cost. During this free trial, you can binge-watch ‘Dickinson’ and decide if you want to continue with a paid subscription. Remember to cancel before the trial period ends if you don’t wish to continue, as it transitions into a paid subscription automatically.

Is ‘Dickinson’ Available on Amazon Prime?

Yes, ‘Dickinson’ is available to Amazon Prime users, but with a caveat. Amazon Prime Video does not include Apple TV+ in its standard membership.

However, you can add Apple TV+ to your Amazon Prime subscription as a ‘Prime Video Channel.’ After you’ve added Apple TV+ to your Amazon account, you can watch ‘Dickinson’ directly through the Prime Video app.

Can You Watch ‘Dickinson’ on Netflix?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, ‘Dickinson’ is not available on Netflix. Since ‘Dickinson’ is an Apple TV+ original series, it is exclusively available on Apple’s streaming service and platforms where Apple TV+ can be added as an additional channel, like Amazon Prime.

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‘Dickinson’ is an engaging exploration of the life of one of America’s most iconic poets, offering a fresh and modern take on Emily Dickinson’s world.

While the series is exclusive to Apple TV+, there are ways to watch it for free or through other platforms like Amazon Prime.

As always, it’s essential to check the most recent information as platform availability can change. Enjoy immersing yourself in the compelling, poetic universe of ‘Dickinson.’